My First Time Peeing My Pants (on Purpose)

So, I was sitting here, reading stories about people peeing themselves, or pooping themselves, I was wearing old clothes that I usually wear in the evening as they're more comfy than my day to day clothing, although I was wearing my favourite panties, which was a shame.

I was getting pretty desperate to go for a pee, I had been holding about a day or so and I was ready to get up and use the toilet, but I remembered about what I had just been reading about, and I thought to try it for myself, so I grabbed a towel and put it on my chair to save it from getting wet, and I sat myself down and relaxed.

A minute or 2 later, I felt the my bladder let go and a gush of pee came out of my ***** it felt so good, it was really warm, and a visible wet patch appeared on my pants. I'm currently still sitting in them and will be until they dry.
Bethzz Bethzz
22-25, F
Jan 15, 2013