So Much Fun

Yes I admit I actually love to fill my pants and underwear with poop, and I have been doing it since I was 13 years old.  I dont know how it started but I think my friend having a big accident in his pants in 2nd grade sparked my curiosity.  Even before that I had fantasies about what it would feel like to just let go when I have to poop bad and fill up my underwear. The warm release and the relief into a tight warm pair of full cut briefs is so big of a turnon for me and was even when i had my last few real accidents, all at 5 or 6 years old.

                  When I was 12 going on 13 years old, the interest, the fantasies, the arousal at the thought of taking a dump in my pants got the better of me. I started out standing naked out in the woods behind my house with my legs together, standing straight up just letting the poop fall out, squeezing between my semi clenched but cheeks.  I liked to do that just to get the feeling of poop on my butt.  After that I started lining my white briefs with toilet paper and pushing out a small solid poop into them.  It was always firm stuff, never messy, untill one day I decided to go ahead and do a large mushy load right into my briefs, no paper lining them.  OMG it felt so good. I had to go bad at that time, and I went for a walk up on a hill deep into my woods(my favorite secret spot), I stood there contemplating for awhile, but gave in to my curiosity as always and stood there and filled my whitey tighties. The feeling that went through me was undescribable, but from then on I was hooked.  I was 13 then, now 25 and as I type this I am sitting in a nice soft load, and stinking to high heaven feeling naughty, young, and irresponsible.  I have to honest say, and I have analyzed this and did the math although never really keeping count. I would say I have pooped myself over 1,500 times, probably more, and now that I'm older and have the time and space to do it and get away with it, I'm pooping my pants at least 4 times a week!!!

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6 Responses Mar 4, 2010

"as I type this I am sitting in a nice soft load, and stinking to high heaven feeling naughty, young, and irresponsible" <br />
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LOL that made me laugh. I am glad you enjoy it and also glad that you stay at home in that condition. I would hate to be behind you in line in the grocery store with poo in you pants. :-)

Sounds good darling, which i could say that, but all is right with the World. It has change the way I feel, still pooping in them jeans, though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry pepsiboy you were whipped a lot for pooping in your pants. Sadly, my parents encouraged me to do it & they often got off on it, then I had to enjoy it in my own way to deal with my own shame of sexual abuse & shame in itself, now I poop my diaper at my own leisure & when I choose to!

It seems like alot of us started pooping in our pants, at that age. And using the woods for cover. But, are you like me? Did you ever get caught! I did a bunch of times, and was whipped and grounded for it. Till, I learned to out smart them, or hide in the woods, and find a place to wash my close out!

wow awesome nodima85! Great minds think alike! I'd rather **** my diapers often times than go to work!

sounds like me! I love to poop my pants/diaper at least five or more times a week when I can! I do most of it evenings & weekends & the odd time, I take a "sick" day off so I can have a good healthy **** in my diaper & enjoy sitting in it for a couple of hours! I was also 13 when I purposely enjoyed pooping in my diaper/pants too!