A Little Help

I have always enjoyed going in my knickers ever since i was in my teens often doing it on the way home from school I usually wear a skirt when I do it and prefer stockings rather than tights my usual knickers are quite stretchy with good elastic so far nothing has ever leaked out or run down my leg my poops are usually quite firm i do get bunged up at times so when I do go its usually a big firm poo that tents out my knickers my skirts are loose fitting and dont feel tight round my bum I often do it in my bathroom whilst standing in front of a full length mirror I stand up straight and with my hands on my hips and wearing heels I turn my toes inwards slightly and I bear down and slowly push my poop into my knickers I love the feeling of it holding me open I dont relax I just keep pushing until I finish it just feels great i just wish i could keep this feeling a lot longer but its over in just a minute or so but I did try once to do a poo in my short shorts and I just couldnt do it no matter how hard I bear down I went red in the face and I was huffing and puffing to even get started I had to slip out of my olive green shorts and continue my poo into my knickers any suggestions I really like to do it in shorts but I dont see how? any suggestions thanks
jnen jnen
2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

I suggest you use stool softeners to make your poop soft and easy to push out.It is also easier to spread over your *** and further if you like.Soft is more fun .

ooh I don\'t know Ive never taken anything like that before not sure if I would like it that soft I,ll let you know when it happens !

Stool softeners make it much easier to push it out without straining.You just have to accept that your panties and shorts are going to get messy,but that if half the fun.

I guess your shorts are v close fitting? Maybe undo the waistband and let them down a bit - you can always do them back up afterwards!