Pooping And Cuming In Pants

just have too *** after a good pooping! never starts out to be the goal but always happens. just get the urge to poop my pants then the hot soft poop totally surrounds my privates feels soooo good try and see how long can go without getting hard cause that takes away from the feeling have to say usually 1-2 hrs by then am so horny cant take it any longer and end up cuming while still being soft and love it.

honeybucket honeybucket
46-50, M
2 Responses Feb 27, 2010

my first ****** I pooped in my pants and sat down on it after fantasizing bout doing it for years and as soon as I did that I came with out ever touching my self! I had no idea what was going on I thought I was going to pee or something but it did feel wonderful! I have been pooping my pants ever since! I felt GREAT!

I love ******* in my diaper usually when I have the urge to poop & when I don't have the urge! I *** often in my diaper before, during & after I let go a big poop in my diaper. My poops are usually mushy, soft, creamy texture something like peanut butter or melted plain chocolate bar for the most part, some of them are a bit thicker which is harder to clean up. Nice to sit in my poopy diaper & enjoy it afterwards too & to have my girl or other partners "check my diaper" when I've freshly pooped it. I love being diapered & nurtured after I poop my diaper. Great story!! I loved reading it!