Felt So Good..

Well Today When I Woke Up i Took A Laxative... My Plan Was To hold My Poop For As Long As I Can.. So Then Around 10 Tonight It Got To The Point Where I COuldnt Hold It Anymore nd My Stomach Was Hurting Really Bad.. So I Had Put On My White Polka Dot panties and I JUst Relaxed My Body And it Came Flowing Out.. Nice And Soft All Over My But...  It Was A Little Runny To... So Now Im Sitting In It As Im Writing This To You Guys... Im THinking About If I Should Sleep In It Or Not!!!!... But It Feels Really Good... I Recoreded It To So If You Want To See It Let Me KNow

poop90 poop90
18-21, M
3 Responses Feb 27, 2010

I really want to see

you should soo sleep in it!

i wou ld love to see it dude