I think it would be funny if one year they filled all the bubbles in bubble wrap with helium. It would supprise people because when they opened their packages the bubble wrap would float up to the ceiling. Also it would make packages eaiser to carry for the delivery guys. Is it me or do these boxes feel a bit lighter today ? funny you should say that, I noticed that to ! ! ! The only bad thing is if you were to open a package outside the bubble wrap might float away before you get a chance to pop the bubbles.
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It probably wouldn't work though in my great uncle's house. You would need a very long ladder. That place is like a mansion compared to the house I live in lol.

lol, a foot stool, good idea

If I was to open a package and the bubble wrap floated up to the ceiling, I would probably say, "That's weird," then I would laugh because of how weird and comical it was. If I wanted to pop the bubbles, then I would get a foot stool and get them.