Interesting Night

During my longest weeks in Prince Rupert, I realized how much power my beauty and personalitiy is to men. Four guys liked to be more than just friends . But i wasn't ready for a relationship, but i am ready to keep making friends, it is better to have friends than nothing.
Throughout the weeks, I pretty much drank alot of alcohol and i also tried Marijuanna though out the week.

One Crazy night was amazing. At Chante (my friend) she wanted to drink so bad. So then we walked to the liqour store that is a few blocks away. we bought a couple bottles. It was strange that i could not get wasted. But that is when I met this guy named Josh, I seemed to notice him checking me out every five minutes. So then i walked up to him and chat to get to know him. He shared me his secret weapon a Bear Spane pepper spray. All my reaction was Woah! After finishing the two bottles, we walked downtown, at this three story house we chilled there for a bit, chante was making out with this kid named Tre for the longest hour. While we were leaving I told them I didnt want to walk so we called a taxi to ride back to the house. We finished off the last bottle of 151. Chante went to go check upstairs where her mom is.
Ten minutes later she freaked out saying that her mom is in a fight. Everyone except me ran upstairs. I'm not a much of a fighting fan. It was takng them a while so i decided to check on them and see how they are doing, After I walked up the stairs i felt a sudden burn on my eyelid and an aweful taste on my tongue I walked back downstairs and took an instant eye medication that my doctor gave me when i had an eye infection (dont worry that was away long time ago). Josh came and checked up on me I asked him "what was that burning feeling I had?" He said " sorry babe, that was pepper spray. I had to use it on her bf because he was hurting chante's mom" (that was cute i guess, trying to be the hero).
Later, Chante ran down saying that the cops are coming down, to check and see what is going on. Chante ran into her room and did a quick change then ran upstairs to explain to the cops what was going on.
After quite some time I have realized that Josh disappeared somewhere. when i walked upstairs in my Pjamas this one cop noticced me and we started having a random converstaion.  I lied and told them that i just woke up. then I told the truth that i dont know what was going on, im just sleeping over.
This one cop asked me out for coffee, i couln't believe it. but i just said maybe, then walked off downstairs. HA!
Chante bragged and said she flirted with the cops, but they honestly told me that everyone was going crazy besides me LOL! gee they are nice!
but I didnt tell them that, so i just let them talk it off, while the cops left, Josh appeared out of no where. that scared the hell out of me.
When I checked up on Chante's mom, Josh wanted to come with me, so then I asked her "How are you feeling, if the burn still throbs. put a damp cloth and use some eye drops for hte pain". she was just warmed up about what was going on. when she mentioned about the pepper spray josh squeezed my hand and whispered in my ear "please dont tell her". i just nodded and let her talk it off.
After talking with Chante's mother, Me and Josh walked downstairs, I just felt so tired and want to call it a night. I asked chante if she have a spare room that i could use to sleep on. she led me to her brothers room which he is away for a while. josh wanted to sleep beside me so then we just basically cuddled all niight, the next day he left with a note. "nice to meet you & would you go out with me?"
I felt soo hung over, that i took some tylenol and drink lots of water, chante walked in with a big "WOOH!" saying lets go for seconds, unbelievable lol
i was like sure, more chip in and got another bottle. I checked online before we went to go pick up.
On facebook I had a conversation with Josh, he said he really wants to go out with me.
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Is this a real story?? lol and if so yep thats how guys are lol