It's The Simple Things In Life...

My inner child's very much alive and well, I'll admit it. I also like to blow bubbles with bubble gum, and dish soap. And catch butterflies and let them loose in my screened in porch. They like the flowers in there and I like to watch them dance all around me.

I like to skip stones on my pond, and let the dog chase all the frogs around the edge... watch the tadpoles swim/waddle. Stir up an occasional ant bed and watch 'em all go to work, scrambling, each team doing their job to move the eggs.

I've been known to stop at a random playground just to swing on the swings and feed the ducks. To ride the carousel at the mall. To get a big red balloon and let it go, and watch it drift slowly up into the blue sky until I can't see it any more. (I don't cry now, though, like I did when I was little.)

I like to play in the rain, and go barefoot in the moss. Camp in my own backyard. Hunt for Easter eggs. I used to be entirely too busy to indulge in such simple pleasures, but I've got my priorities straight now.
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How fun! :D

Heart warming.<br />