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I Want To Show Off My Naked Wife To Other Men

I want to say! I have a very strange fantasy. I want to show off my naked wife to other men, but are too scared to do it. Without her knowledge, I have raised her nude photos online (with her face hidden) and ask other men for comment. I am pleased with the men commenting on how they find it attractive, and said to me in many ways they will enjoy their bodies. I would also like to ask those men to print her picture and ********** and *** on it. They will photograph it and post it back. At some point around 5000 men had not seen her naked, and when I have to be intimate with her it really excites me a lot of men, knowing it finds it sexy

deleted deleted 26-30 3 Responses Sep 5, 2012

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I can see why you like show'n that phine body off!!!

Thanks you sir - may I see more??

Please add me - ASAP

More please !! She is hot !!

you are a very lucky man what a set of **** perfect nipples