Need A Diaper Friend And Change

Man I have really wet my diaper a few times and it is soaking wet. I really need to change it but I dont feel like it. I tried listening to some hypnosis files but they dont seem to work on me. I can never get in a trance. I dont want to be diaper dependent I want to choose when I wear diapers. I want to unconsciously wet myself sometimes but not all the times. Anyways I live in Texas am 18 and really really want a friend who also enjoys wearing diapers, maybe someone to change me to but I am shy so... Nobody but me knows about my diapers and I would like to keep people in the dark unless they share the same fetish as me. Please guys I need a friend I really want to share this experience with someone else.
puppydog45 puppydog45
22-25, F
2 Responses May 17, 2012

OMG. I have a huge diaper fetish.

i would change your diapers for you if you lived closer to me