It Started When I Was Hungover

It was a joke, but we were watching some crap romantic comedy because we were too hungover to digest anything else. I believe it was "He's just no that into you." So we are wondering, the **** that happens in this movie, who actually behaves like that? Somehow we end up resolving to spend the rest of the week pretending we were the main characters in a romatic comedy. I hung out with my female friends more and did more stereotypically female things. I also went to the supermarket more, and dropped stuff/bumped into people so that the whole romantic comedy plot could unfold. In character, it was amazing how much my life became like a romatic comedy. It was one of the funniest weeks of my life.

The next week, forecast; rain. I called my friend and told her Noir week was on!
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Aug 4, 2010