Yes I Do

I love to be the first one home from work. I go straight to my nipple suction cups. I love to be sucked! I love to walk around the house and do things with them on.
I will let the dog out, or water the flowers, hoping the neighbors will see my overly large nipples sticking out through my top. Once my neighbor came by with his dog. I got really selfconcious, but thought, what the hell, let him have a look. He said Hi, kept on walking, them he did a double take. He did a 180, pulling the dog around. We talked for a few minutes about the weather, I had to keep my hands in my pocket so I didnt obstruct his view. He was obviously looking. I enjoyed it a lot! Hes an older, retired man I think he really liked it.
I have left them on too long and gotten blisters on my nipples. Once I slept in them, and my nipples were sore all day. I loved the dull pain, I was rubbing them constantly trying to alive the pain.
My husband loves when I have been wearing them. He always notices my nipples are larger and ready for his mouth. As i said, I love to be sucked and he never disappionts.
I'm going to order the largest size next, hoping to make those babies even bigger. They have made my nipples bigger with regular use and regular sucking!
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This is just wonderful! I would be thrilled to see you with them and to photograph them for you would be heavenly!

This is wonderful!

what kit do you have,and where did you get it?

I believe you are referring to the suction cups... I ordered them from nipple fun ;)

I have these too! and they have a tendency to pull out any milk left in my breasts.