Big Hard And Firm Nipple Are The Best

I absolutely adore big hard firm nipples just made for sucking, licking, pinching, pulling, licking, you name it.  I especially like pumping them up and having them worked over both gently and roughly.  It is shear heaven to have pumped nipples sucked on and worshiped until they ache.  I love having someone wrap their arms around me from behind and play with my hard firm pumped nipples.  Phew!  Getting warm just thinking about it.

maximaa250 maximaa250
46-50, M
3 Responses Feb 3, 2010

After nearly three months of hard milking, the udders and teats crave the time they get on the milking cups every day. I know what you mean about the feel of them after pumping. It's something indescribable, but you've done a good job explaining the feeling here:)

Yes, once you start regular breast pumping, you crave the discipline of the regular, hard and unforgiving suction of the female breast pump.

I love to pump regularly even though my nipples get sore and blistered. Many times my pumps get filled with clear blister fluid which is not breast milk, but which I have to exhaust in the hope of getting the real thing sooner or later.

I will never get my guys nipples as big as yours but I know many girls that have smaller than mine ...

I wonder how many guys we're to enjoy those feminine pleasures ....

The more time you spend on the breast pump, the more you need to be latched up again.

The harder they get sucked, the more you need them!