Every generation has people who will step up and challenge the current boundaries. If it wasn't for those people, women would still have to hide their ankles! I like being one of those people who isn't afraid to push it a little. Or a lot. Someone has to do it!
snowangelashley snowangelashley
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Well it expands and contracts. Look at the middle east, it has not always been on lock down like this...

what boundaries are you pushing?

Me too! Boundaries and rules were all created at some point to keep certain balance. As time moves on and the world evolves, certain boundaries restricts us from expanding our horizon, which stops us from evolving and growing. People who follows rules just for the sake of it without question are crazy. There's no harm to rock the boat at times. Even if you decide to flip the boat over, it's fine just make sure there's a life jacket to escape with.