I can't go to sleep, I can't shut my eyes
They shot the father at his mom's building seven times
They shot Malcolm in the chest, front of his little seeds
Jesse watched as they shot King on the balcony
Exported Marcus Garvey cause he tried to spark us
With the knowledge of ourselves and our forefathers
Oh Jacqueline you heard the rifle shots crackling
Her husband's head in her hands, you tried to put it back in
America's watching, blood-stained ink blotches
Medgar took one to the skull for integrating college
What's the science? Somebody? This is trick knowledge
They try to keep us enslaved and still scrape for dollars
Walking through Park Hill, drunk as a ****
Looking around like these Devils
I'm ready to break this world down
They got me trapped up in a metal gate
Just stressed out with hate
And just give me no time to relax and use my mind to meditate
What should I do, grab a blunt or a brew
Grab a .22 and run out there and put this ******* violence in you
I can't go to sleep, I can't shut em, son
sendmedembootypicshoe sendmedembootypicshoe
16-17, M
Aug 19, 2014