They Are Interesting To Read!

I guess I am just curious?  I didn't no just how many there were?  I was just wondering, how many like me like to poop in there pants, and **** in them also?  I guess, we can call ourselves normal than most!  If not then It is some interesting stories.  I guess, when you read my stories on here, that I am crazy, or that they cannot be true?  Well, believe, you and me they are.  I was a loner in school, and I didn't get along with to many people, so I had decided, to find something to amuse me?  So mine was pooping in my pants, and if I got into trouble, that was OK, to me, I mean, sure the spankings and the groundings were hard on me, but I lived this long, and I turned out OK, I guess?  I think If I could have children, and that they came home with poop in there pants, I would not freak out, or say, "your going to get a whipping, for doing that when I did growing up".  So, what, them could be just expressing themselves.  You know the older I get, the little things don't seem to bother me anymore,  The ones that bother me are the ones I have no control of.  I like to suck a good **** every now a then, and I guess you could call that a fetish, I like to poop in my pants, and that's one, too!  I like to **** in my underwear, and or bluejeans, we hell who don't.  i have talked to alot of people here and outside of my world.  And I have been called sick, a pervert, demented,stupid, crazy, and have been told that I should be locked up.  I don't have any skeltons in my closet, and I have nothin to hide, so why should I be ashamed, nobodies perfect, are you?

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
Feb 26, 2010