Sold! *jesse*

Kathrine and Jesse were two young girls who had just gotten out of college. Kathrine had a degree in Nursing and so did Jesse. Both of them were walking to their apartment that they shared when two bulky figures grabbed them from behind and pulled them into an alley. "Shut up or you die." One said in a male's voice, showing them a knife. They both whimper and nod. "Good, now hold still." the other was female. She wrapped thier wrists in duct-tape. She also taped their fingers until they looked like gloves. Neither of them could move thier fingers or hands. Jesse began to cry out of fear and Kathrine moved in close and murmered soft words to her close friend. "I said shut up!" the woman hissed furously. Kathrine rolled her eyes as their shoes were removed and their toes and ankles were taped. Duct-tape was wrapped all the way around thier upper torso. Kathrine and Jesse's head's were covered with black bags with a tie at the end. The man and woman pulled the string tight and clipped dog collars around their necks then leashes were applied. "Walk, dogs." Both girls felt a sharp tug on their necks and followed. They walked for about ten minuets before they heard a door open and close. Their bags were taken off. The woman began to take off the girl's skirts, much to their displeasure. "HEY!" they both screamed but they woman ignored it. At least their shirts were long enough to cover up their girl parts. The man yanked on their leashes and they walked forward. Both leashes were tied to a maching that moved up and down a tall wooden board was placed on the floor in front of them. The machine lowered, bending both of them over it. The bags were back on. They could hear perfectly fine what the man and women were saying. "We are 'Recuiters.' We sell people into pleasure. Soon a master will come to pick you both up but before we have to make you submit." she grinned. "Wait! No! I just want to go home! NO! NO!" Jesse screamed. "Shut up, your getting punished whether you like it or not!" Gags were applied with tape and the man left with the woman stood beside Jesse then wrapped her right arm around her. "oooh. you'll be a tough nut to crack seeing as your so defiant, better give you more spankings than planned." she teased as Jesse screamed as loud as she could with the tape on. The woman brought her hand down on Jesse's butt fifety times before stopping. "Aww...looks like you need more." "NOOO!" jesse tried to scream but only "MMMMM!" came out. Jesse endured the spanking for anothe five minuets. "I guess my hand just isn't teaching you a lesson."The woman chuckled as she brought out a paddle with holes in it. "Good thing I brought this." she laughed. *WHACK* it went flying through the air. Jesse jolted forward with each stroke. Ten more were applied. "'re broken." The woman called the man back in who took Jesse over his shoulder to a limo waiting outside.
FlametheDalek FlametheDalek
May 13, 2012