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Duck Dynasty Wedgie 2

This is Duck Dynasty Wedgie 2 you all have commented thnx for that so without further ado lets get started it was the day October 23rd and it was Korie's birthday so Sadie asked her mom what do u want as punishment either 25 spankings or wedgies u would think she pick spankings but she picked wedgies so Sadie pulled Korie's pants off to reveal her black thong then she lifted but didn't try to rip her thong so she went easy then korie had to change so she gotta pink thong and was wedgied in that then a yellow thong then a blue thong then a red thong then a purple thong then a green thong after 10 thong wedgies Sadie asked her mom does that hurt and korie was like I don't know u tell me and korie kicked Sadie Robertson in the stomach then pulled her skirt and shirt off to reveal her light blue bra and panties with hearts on them and wedgied her with a her might Sadie was crying 2 hrs later lol comment for who should get wedgied in Duck Dynasty Wedgie 3
deleted deleted 26-30 4 Responses May 19, 2013

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I would like to see sadie get a wedgie in her underwear

do a video of Sadie getting a wedgie


all 3 of them should Korie Missy and Sadie

Missy should get it