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Duck Dynasty Wedgie 4

This is Duck Dynasty Wedgie 4 u all have commented on Duck Dynasty Wedgie 3 to see who will get wedgied in Duck Dynasty Wedgie 4 so lets get started it was a winter day in West Monroe Louisiana it was freakin cold and it look like it was about to rain so Sadie got home from school and korie asked where's your report card and Sadie was like didn't get it and Korie was like u know why cause I have it Sadie started running and got out the door but Korie locked her out then went around the back way and told Willie not to let her in so korie went to Sadie but Sadie tripped her then pulled her moms dress over her head so korie couldn't see then Sadie finished by pulling it off to reveal Korie's white bra and white granny panties then Sadie started running and got in Garage and tried to lock korie out but korie told Missy to hold it and try to go in so Sadie will think its her instead of Missy so she does korie sneaks in the back way and grabs Sadie and slaps her then threw her own daughter down and said u think this is funny talking bout her ripped dress and white bra and white granny panties but as soon as Sadie started laughing Korie got on top of Sadie slapping her then turned her own daughter while she was out and pulled her dress off to reveal Sadie's yellow bra and yellow panties so korie grabbed Sadie opened the garage so they can go outside put some shorts and a shirt on herself so cover up the white bra and white granny panties so she got a crane brought it outside hung Sadie's yellow panties on too it then lifted her up Sadie woke up to laughing and screaming and getting spanked then she felt the hanging wedgie and screamed but on top of that guess what it started pouring down rain and korie was like bye comment on how good this was and who would u like to see get wedgied in Duck Dynasty 5 thnx
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Jessica should

missy should