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Playing Doctor

I was 12 and raised in a very non sexual family, had gotten my sex education on a boat with a friend and his sister, but did not start having wet dreams till just after turning 12, sticky sheets and mom saying it was part of growing up, dont worry about it, then gave me a birds and bees review of male seeds and female eggs and making babies, made no sense to me. so after playing at my friends mike house he asked if I wanted to do something nasty, of course I agreed, down the street we went to a house where 2 sisters lived, 12 and 11, their mother was a nurse and not home, mike said we were going to play doctor and exam each other using the tools from the nurse bag. lots of giggles from the girls, the guys get to play doctor first, so off with the girls clothes and on the bed, first temp, with placed in rear, pushed in and out a few times then in the other girl, listen to heart, run nipples around, no real **** yet, then pust on groin then open lips and view **** I did not what it was for, was told it gave good feelings when rubbed, so we did, told to feel for fluid inside and was again amazed that they were wet inside, by this time we were hard as rocks and time to reverse the exam, off with our shorts and T and underpants, on the bed and the girls went at us one at a time, since I was the new kid on the block I went first, same temp taking up the rear, heart rate, pluse rate, nipples, groin pushing, and then the real deal, lift it up, push around the balls and feel the nuts, open the one eye, well for me this was over the top, the girls knew what was going to happen and had prepared with tissues and cloth, but were not quite ready as I was, and out came a lot and lot of white sticky stuff all over me and them, much yelling and then giggling and laughing at me for being so quick, mike was next and they were ready and he lasted a few minutes, cleaned up and went back to mike's house where he taught me how to give myself a hand
bjckabcd bjckabcd 46-50, M 3 Responses Aug 9, 2010

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YOU YOU YOU!!! you played doctor with two naked girls back then??? lucky mf, i can only imaging the scene you must have live that day, sounded like a life-long experience ******* on those girls for the first time!!!! youre one of the most lucky persons im gonna read about here, cheers to you, no matter how fast you eyaculated man

you sound just like the other, giggle at me for jumping the gun and squirting away all over the place. guys always make a mess that must be cleaned up, girls dont make such a mess do they?

Wow....I was never that lucky!