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A couple of months ago, my little sister, who is 23 and her boyfriend, who is 37,  stayed with me for 2 weeks, until there new apartment was ready.  The spare bedroom is right next to mine and the walls in this old house are very thin....The first time I heard them making love...i tried to ignore it, and just go to sleep....but I couldnt, I never knew just sounds could be so erotic, sensual, and exciting.   The next  morning, she asked me if their TV was to loud....I said no...I couldnt hear it at am kind of ashamed to admit it but, after they left for work, i found my little, digital, tape recorder I had used when I had taken a night class...i took the plate off the electrical wall plug in my room, that both bedrooms was right behind the headboard of the bed in their room, and put the plug in microphone in there on my side of the wall....i used to go to bed early, so they would....i was able to record them making love....the recorder came with a program to transfer the recordings to the computer....I recorded them 9 different times, it still excites me when I listen to them... even now....and I look at my little sis in a whole different light....
LonelyLady52 LonelyLady52 51-55, F 4 Responses Mar 11, 2011

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you naughty girl please add me

Ohh you are so so bad.....but it sounds like something I would do....

that was erotic spying ... however ,,it gives you eroticity.??

That is SO sexy. I'd love to get a hold of those files and listen to them. Hearing others have sex is SUCH a turn on.

until then I never knew just sounds could be so erotic and sensual....

That's a unique and fun story to read. Thanks for posting it. Those "listening" occasions must be "good" times for you

It's about time you made your own hot tape..!!