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Mom Get ****** By Black Fat Uncle

Today i m going to share a reel experience which happened b4 1year ago.
one day my moms sisters hubby(black fat guy) who leaves in small village near pune,came to home after some shoping for taking rest ,cause he is tired by traveling. And he asked mom"can i stay here at a night ,because i havnt any bus to go my home?". mom says "offcource why not!".
he was well built,6ft in height ,quite mascular and heavy as the village people are.
i saw him constantly eyeing my mother .he used to watch my mom with objectional expressions on his face.he stared at my moms *** and her far as my mother is concerened she was quite easily the most beutiful and sexy women among all.she is almost 40yrs of age with fair complexion.inspite of being of 40she has the best pair of boobs i have ever seen .must be 36 in size,it attracts the attention of every man around her.the two melons always fight to come out of her mother being very conservative and strict in manner used to wear tight blouses and sarees which looked very provocative but till now no man has been able to lay hands on her assets.So no doubt that he was eyeing her.then he started chatting with mymother.they became mother thought him to be a goodman but i knew what exactly he had in my mind.
Then after chating he went to take bath.l followed him and hide at corner,i saw that after bath he came frm bathroom and wents to my moms bedroom with only towel for he entered the room he saw my mom was cleaning the floar,so she was bending&her boobs are clearly visible to seeing that his **** get erected and makes tent of mom saw that tent and smiles at that green signal frm her, he caught hold of her and pushed her down on the ground and got on top of her.then he loose the towel and make himself fully möm bite her lip.then he made her halfnaked and he started sucking her boobs one by one kneading the other for half hour in front of me.then her boobs had become erect and red in colour frm the treatment it mom was out of her minds,fully aroused and making erotic sounds.he got on top of her and started kissing her again.his one hand slowly undid the knot of her petticot and slid his hand inside .with his touch on her ***** she shivered.he held her tightly and started massaging her ***** with his hand.i could only see the movement of the hand inside the petticot.for next 15 mins he kept on rubbing her **** and her ***** with his hand while his lips were doing their work inside her mouth.with every passing minute their smooching became more violent .my mother became very agressive as she held him tightly in her arms and made sensuous noise.he knew this was the right time to take her.he immediately broke the kiss and pulled the petticcot down revealing her already wet choot(*****).i saw her choot for the first time,it was hairy but was beutiful.he removed his lungi and his underwear and there stood his 9" long penis and about 4" was standing in its full might ready to tear my mothers *****.his lund was bigger than the average male and i was sure my mother hadnt taken that big yet.
He spread her legs wide and placed his tool on her vagina and slowly entered its tips ,then slowly he gives one hard stroke so that whole **** get entered in her hole upto her whomb.she gave a loud gasp as it plunged deep into her whomb...ahhhhhh.then he locks her lips and starts to and fro movment of **** in her pusy ,that ******* takes 1 hr.because of that they both becum redhot like 'melting iron in smithy'.after that he starts cuming in her whomb.and he also *** on her boobs
then he broke the get fully satisfy by him and after that both of them sleeps on floar because both of they get tired.
After that session uncle ***** her in that night also.i had watched both the sessions.
After 1 month i come to knwo that mom got pregnant frm him and both mom and uncle didnt want to make abortion or killing baby.
By that whole incidence got shocked that how strict mom becum **** for that black uncle?
prasuja01 prasuja01 18-21, M 3 Responses Jun 27, 2012

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Good Story.


nice story is he still ******* her love to have done her my self