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True Story- On The Way Back From The Beach

It was like a Thursday drive heading home from the beach. We had been visiting my gf’s family for a couple nights and had to head back for work. It was a college summer break. Since we were visiting her family, staying in a small condo and sleeping separately, we hadn’t really had any intimate time for a few days and so my gf decided she would have a little fun on the ride home.

We were driving on a separated highway, two lanes each way. It was late morning on a weekday so traffic was not heavy on either side. Our conversation went from normal to flirty to increasingly naughty. She started to tease herself for me, hiking up her skirt and running her fingertip gently over sheer panties tracing the outline of her lips. It was really sexy and difficult to take me eyes off of and she said, “You need to look at the road while you’re driving.” Then she pulled her skirt back down just a bit and moved her hand over to my crotch, immediately feeling the semi stiff erection that was growing in my jeans. She massaged it for a minute as my breathing began to intensify to a soft but audible level. Then her other hand joined and she unzipped my jeans, reached in and pulled out what was now a nearly full erection. “Mmmmmmmmm…” was her initial response. Her hand wrapped around it and she stroked up and down my shaft. I looked over and saw a smile on her face as she licked her lips and reached down and undid her seatbelt. “Pay attention to the road and don’t wreck!”

Before I could respond or object, her head was in my lap and I felt the exhilarating wetness and pressure of her mouth as her lips closed around me halfway down the shaft and she sucked me firmly, holding me in her mouth while slowly moving her tongue up and down a little. The building sexual tension/excitement I felt leading up to this point disintegrated into a fantastically aroused relaxation. I began splitting my attention between keeping my distance from the other cars in front of and behind me, and savoring the wonderful feeling of her mouth milking what was now an erection so hard I could have broken bricks with it. The need to focus some attention on driving 60+mph (95+km per hour for the metrics) caused my arousal to build slowly. Not at a snail’s pace mind you, but slow enough to be able to really enjoy the feeling of receiving oral sex- and isn’t that the best part? On top of that, my gf was getting REALLY turned on by her own naughtiness and I suppose by my raging erection. I must say I love a woman who gets off on giving oral sex, so hot.

Anyway, by this point I am building and she has one hand between her own legs. She is just ******* me with her mouth and those long, satisfied moans I heard at the beginning are now getting shorter and shorter in length and higher and higher in pitch. I feel that familiar pulsing feeling that means the switch has been flipped and I erupt. The sensation of my release hitting her throat sends her over the edge and she simply clamps down on me and greedily swallows every drop as her own ****** overtakes her. The car fills with the audible crescendo of our release and then things fell quiet and she collected herself, put me away, sat up and re-buckled her seatbelt.

The thing I remember most was how my lips went numb (like that feeling when a part of your body “falls asleep”). First and only time that has ever happened to me after an ******. So that is the story of the first time I got road head. Hope you enjoyed it.
Casualfun Casualfun 36-40, M Jul 12, 2012

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