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He Slipped His Hand In My Pants And....

I was 16
I went to visit my friend during the summer and spent the night .it was late and we we watching tv my friends dad was drinking all night and was sitting on the couch as we laid on the floor .I feel asleep and about two in the morning Something woke me up .it was dark in the room but the porch light was shining through the window .I was laying on the floor and I realized my pants were down around my ankles and my briefs were half way down my thighs .I was bewildered thinking what the heck .my cocckwas hard and thick .I suddenly realized Jimmy's dad had my balls in his hand gently massaging them I was mortified all kinds of crazy thoughts flew through my mind ...what if jimmy sees this what if his mom walks in .Then his dad wrapped his lips around the head of my **** felt like a bolt of lightning zapped it .He started licking my shaft and kissing the head then he would Bobb his head up and down a few times really fast .Finally I started throbbing in his mouth ....I kept waiting for him to pull out ..whoops to late I explode into his mouth ....he never missed a beat still sucking hard .A few minutes later he got up and disappeared.I lay there not knowing what to do or think .The next day it was like nothing happened .Nothing was said .That night I started thinking about it well actually that was all I could think about all day .I felt like J immys mom was looking at me funny through out the day .I thought she must have seen what happened .That night I went in to take a bath and was laying in the tube playing with my cocck it was really big and hard I was admiring it when the door opened .I was so surprised I just lay in the tub with my cocck in my hand ...It was his mother she said is everything ok as she stepped in and closed the door behind her .I stuttered yes still holding my cocck in my hand .She locked the door and said here let me help you with that ...I swallowed and said what?she sat down next to the tub and reached over and took my shaft in her hand .She started stroking it really slow . She was about thirty five and hot as hell long blonde hair and big tities .She dropped her skirt to the ground and stepped out of it she slowly unbuttoned her blouse she had no bra on and her big firm melons stood up at attention her nipples hardened as she pressed one to my lips .she said baby pull down my panties I reached over and pulled her panties to her Knees and they hit the floor she stepped into the tub and took my cocck and guided it between her thighs she was so wet my head slipped right in and she slid down my shaft I felt so bad because she started to convulse and I shot my wad she just kept her rythum and was able to ****** before it got soft....after she pulled out she took my shaft and started stroking it then sucking it was hard again ...she said I want it in my asss she guided it in and just let it slide in asss she sat in my my lap my shaft buried in her asss she just sat there grinding it back and forth then I unloaded in her asss ...
Tonite Tonite 31-35, M 1 Response Jul 31, 2012

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really so hot experiance my dear friend you make me really so hot now. my 45 years old aunty seduced me at my age of only 15 years .