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Personalized Erotic Stories

Hi , I have always enjoyed reading erotic stories, but lately im getting tired of the same old stuff over and over again. So at the moment im looking for someone that would be willing to write something personalized for me. My tastes are a bit extreme and im looking for a very detailed and descriptive writer.I would be willing to send pictures for descriptive reference.Have any of you had a story written just for you? Was it more of a turn on reading it?

ElizabethFraser ElizabethFraser 18-21, F 7 Responses Dec 30, 2009

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i want a personal sex story written too email me subj: 9699story<br />
n ill tell u what i want

Previously I have corresponded with others and exchanged ideas by writing various scenarios that were appealing to read and write. Only, I'm not sure if what I am into would be of interest to you. So, I guess you could read some of what I have posted and decide if you wanted me to do what you are seeking.

I just started here yesterday and know this post is old, but if you are still looking drop me a line.

hi.... =)

Elizabeth looked at Satin's profile pictures and liked what she saw. Shw wondered, however, if his kinkiness would be a help or hindrence. What the ****, what have I got to loose, she wondered...<br />
No wait, this is just a comment. But I like erotic stories so much I'm aroused at the thought of what your explanation and pictures would be like.

Hey thanks for the reply! I love watersports too. I would love it if you could write something for me.Send me your email and ill give you some pictures and an explanation of what I would like.

I have n't had a story written for me, but if you like mine on EP, I could try doing one for you