The Change

So my wife and I started going to the gym. She was over weight and unhappy, so we set out to do something about it. After 3 months the weight dropped and she really started toning up. She loved the way she looked and loved that she could fit into her sexy clothes again. I was ecstatic and enjoyed her happiness her sexiness and new found playfulness.

One concern I was having tho was her enjoyment of her new found attention. She received it from the guys at the gym, from the guys at the grocery store, when we went out dancing suddenly guys would ask her to dance and talk to her like I wasn't there. And did she enjoy it. She never said no to dancing with the taller hotter guys. If I said anything she would tell me don't be silly and not to let unfounded jealousy get in the way of her fun. She was always so turned on after the night out. Her ***** was so wet as soon as we would get home she would want me to lick her to ******. While doing this she would fantasize about the guy or guys she danced with. Telling me how hot they were how strong their arms felt around her. How some of them would caress he *** and she would let them. Also how she would grind on them while dancing knowing I was there this would get her so hot she start ******* hard. She then mount me but still telling me even through their jeans how much bigger they felt. My feelings were hurt her words stung, I wanted to show her. I would try and go deep or hard. But it never worked and her taunts grew harsher as I would come to soon.

Soon she would schedule her gym time when I was at work so she could go by herself. When I would go to the gym the guys would greet me tell me how hot my wife was and how good she was, then they'd laugh. If I asked they'd just say oh at working out. If I asked her she'd say they are messing with you don't worry about it.

Then one day I came home she looked at me coldly. We need to talk ... Well I need to talk well.... you need to listen. You know how we haven't had sex for a month or so. Yes I replied you have been tired. Well yes she says I have been tired, tired of having sex with you. Tired of your small worthless **** inside me when it does nothing for me. I look up shocked wow I am sorry I didn't know, but there not much I can do about it. No there isn't that is the sad truth. But I have done something about it. I have been ******* one of the guys at the gym and one of the guys from dancing. What's is sad is you really didn't know. I stammer so for the last month I have been eating your ***** and not getting sex while two other guys have been ******* you. Yes and to be honest it has been great. No one eats ***** better then you, and really it seems the fresher I am from being ****** the more you liked it and the harder I came. Wow what an idiot I am. Not so much an idiot as pathetic she replied, the good news is I like you pathetic. These studs are just that studs play toys for me. The bad news for you is I plan on keeping them and you. Whoa wait I say I want nothing to do with this. I ... I .... Don't know what to say. Ok she smiles it might be a change but I'll make it easy for you. Her face softens she walks toward me, I know how much you want me. She starts to undress. We have a good life here your a great provider so... I get my play toys, you get to keep your hot wife and twice a year maybe three times a year you get to **** me. The other 362 days a year well your going to be locked up and the only part of you getting near my ***** is that magnificent tongue. She is naked now, you are so beautiful I whisper. I know she smiles. So the choice is yours, either agree to my offer or I guess start looking for a Trailor to live in. She is on top I can feel my **** against her *****. What is it going to be dear? Yes I stammer I agree I stay, what she says, say it louder, her lips pressed to mine. I agree I say louder. Oh you made a great choice. She pulls out a **** cage now let's get this on you. But I thought, I thought we were going to have sex. She smiles two or three days out of the year we will. Just not today. Maybe your birthday it's only two more months away. My **** droops aww she laughs you look so sad. Just wait you'll adapt in no time. I will help you it will be fun, at least for me. And when I am happy you are happy that is what you always say. The cage slips on. It looks good she smiles I am very pleased. I didn't realise locking you up was going to excite me. Good thing I have a date he is in for a real treat tonight. Now your going to help me get ready.

Welcome to your new life, she roars with laughter as we head to the bedroom.
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great story

You are sure one lucky husband! Love for my wife to do that to me. I'd love it even better if her lover was a BBC and she not only made me clean her ***** but his **** as well.