The Worst Day To Wear A Thong

Hey guys. this is probably my best story yet.
One day 2 girls, Shelbi and Grace, were hanging out and were bored. Grace said,"I think we should have a war." "What kind of war?" Shelbi replied. Grace crept up behind Shelbi and saw her exposed purple thong. She slowly grabbed it and as she yanked up the thong she yelled,"A WEDGIE WAR!!!!!" The thong went halfway up her back and disappeared into her @$$. Shelbi squealed out and grabbed at her thong to relieve the pain but Grace was still pulling. She finally let go and said,"YOU TRY!!!!" Shelbi got up and turned a bit so she could see the damage. At that moment Grace ran up, grabbed the front of the thong, and yanked it straight up causing Shelbi to scream. The thong was already disappearing int her p*$$y. She wrenched her arms forward and grabbed Grace's thong's front and ripped it skyhigh. This caused Grace to let go. Shelbi took advantage of this and half dragged Grace to her fence, lifted her by the front of her thong, and hung the legholes on it. Shelbi ran and grabbed some ductape and taped Grace's hands together behind her back. Then she taped her legs to the fence so she couldnt get herself free of the pain. Shelbi went inside and watched T.V. for a couple of hours and came back. She untaped Grace's legs and pulled down HARD. this made Grace SCREAM in agony. Shelbi came back every few hours and repeated the process. Then the last time the Thong ripped and Grace fell down. Shelbi left her on the ground unable to pick the thong out of her @$$ and p*$$y. Finally after 6 WHOLE HOURS Shelbi untaped Grace and Grace went right to picking. Her hand disappeared into her p*$$y and came out with really sticky thong pieces. Grace never suggested a wedgie war again.
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Nov 29, 2012