Wedgie Story 4

“Well, I have a video of you blindfolded and in a wedgie, so as my slave, you have to do everything I say, or else Im gonna get one of the computer nerds to put it on the screen cast around the school.” Tyson told me. I paled. The screen casts were about 15 plasma t.vs located around the school with announcements on them. Everyone would see. My life would be officially over.
“Do you understand?” Tyson said, smirking.
“Yes Master.” I whispered back.
“Now, I have a book that we have to get through.” He said.
“What do you mean?” I questioned.
Tyson walked up to me and yanked one of the thongs. I yelped.
“That would be, ‘What do you mean, Master?’” He reprimanded.
“Sorry Master.” I sniffled.
“Thats okay slave. I know your gonna love this idea. Ever since I first met you in seventh grade I have recorded every little thing you have done to **** me off.” Tyson said, a sadistic smile on his face. He continued.
“Shall I read out a few?” I shrugged. Tyson stalked towards me again, so I quickly said “Yes Master.”
He smirked and said “If you insist. Well, for glaring at me on orientation day, a frontal wedgie. For ignoring me during maths when I asked for your help, a hanging in just your underwear. For not answering me politely in music, you shall get a jock lock wedgie while I spank you, still in your underwear. For attempting to trip me in the hallway you will be tied to my bed and I shall punish you however I deem fitting at the time. Shall I continue, or do you want to start?”
I was horrified. Completely and utterly petrified. Most of the things he said were a lie. I hadn’t been glaring at him, I was squinting, not even looking at him. When I ‘ignored’ him in maths, that was during a test when he wanted to copy my answers. Don’t get me started on the rest. If he could punish me for things I didn’t do, what would he do about the small things I had done?
A sharp yank on the black thong I had been forced to wear (I would never wear a thong in any other circumstance) abruptly pulled me out of my horrified daze.
“I think we shall start.” Tyson reached down the front of my leggings and reached for the sky. Being much taller than me, he was able to successfully lift me off the ground, and it didnt help that I couldn’t fight back, being his ...slave.
“Oww!” I shouted, un-intentionally squirming a bit. Tyson laughed but let me down. I winced but just as I was un-plucking the wedgie, Tyson lifted for the sky again. I squealed.
“Hey! You said only one!”
“I changed my mind.” Then he did it again. “When will you learn to address me with respect?” He lifted me so we were face to face. I winced in pain.
“Sorry Master.” I muttered.
“Oh, you will be.”
“Now, a hanging in just your underwear.” I paled even more. Oh god, could this get even more mortifying?
“Now will you be a good slave and take off your clothes or will I help you?”
“Please Tyson-uh, Master. I’ve learnt my lesson. I get it. I’ll be nice. Promise. No more glaring, ignoring you, or anything else, I swear. Please!”
“But you see, slave, you will anyway. Just this way is more fun.”
“Now take off your clothes.” I had never felt so abused before.
“Yes Master.” I whispered. I pulled off my shoes, slowly and deliberately, then each sock, one by one, finally getting to my hoodie. Tyson watched me with some sick satisfaction on his foul face.
I pulled it off, then my top came off too. I pulled off my leggings and there. I had done it.
Tyson wolf whistled. “Not bad, not bad at all.”
I closed my eyes. A sharp tug made me open them. I hissed in pain.
“I complemented you slave. Aren’t you going to thank your Master?”
“Thank you Master.” Tyson grabbed the inner most thong and ordered me to get dodwn on my knees.
“yes Master.” But Tyson held the thong at my waist level, even as I was kneeling, so the lower I got, the more it burned.
“Ah...ah...,” I said, in pain. Soon, I couldn’t support my weight and I fell to my knees, making the thing rocket up my ***.
“Does that hurt, slave?”
“Yes, Master.” I replied tearfully.
“Good.” He replied. He grabbed my thong and started to walk to the stair case, dragging me.
“Ow!” I shouted. Tyson laughed.
“Stay on your knees till I say you can get up.” He commanded.
“Yes Master.” I replied nervously.
“Take out your wedgie.” He told me. Confused, I did what he said.
“Remember to stay on your knees.”
He grabbed the first thong and slowly started to lift it. I winced as my thong slowly rubbed up my ***, then crept higher and higher. Soon, my *** was being pulled up, and my knees threatened to follow.
“Ah...ah...ahh.” I gasped. Just then Tyhson dropped me a bit, then abruptly yanked upwards. I shrieked. He kept doing this, causing my almost bare body (especially bum) to bounce up and down.
Tyson cracked up. “ is...hilarious.”

Tears of pain and embarrasment were streaming down my face as my body was thrust up then dropped lower only to be yanked up again. Holding my thong up in a way that made my bum stick up in the air (remember im still only in my underwear) he pulled out his phone and snapped a photo of me.
I started crying. “Please don’t show anyone.” I begged.
“I will unless you be a good slave.”
“I’ll be good, Master.” I promised.
“I know.” With that, he hauled me up and hung me off the stair case railing, deighting from my shrieks of pain.
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