I Think A Cool Zombie Novel

So because I like to write stories I thought i'd sign up.
So here is my plot of my Zombie Novel

I think that the main characters older siblings will be captured by the team that controls the Zombies. This event will lead to another Civil War in the US. It will last from May 20, 2014 til May 23, 2018. The evil team is called Poision and they will take over western and some southern state up to half of Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana. So the other States go to A.P. The opponent of Poision.

I need help to how to write a good Zombie, War, and Fictional book. Also I need characters name. Please comment  below I want to hear all your comments and helps. Thanks
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I'd very much like to help. Message me with a few problems and/or questions and I'll see what I can do. I'm a writer too, you know.

Sure... When I find the documents on them. But, it will be soon

Ok, I'll be waiting. And...what documents on who?

Thanks. I write up information on it all to make the story go smoothly. But, i misplaced then and I'm waiting to see if EP enforces the rules. Becasue I may not be able to post because of the rules. There is violence.

Ignore the rules. They probably aren't enforced anyway. And if they are, put it somewhere else.

Hope they don't but, when i find the info I'll message you.


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what do you need help with

I wanna hel

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