I have always had a book in my hand.  I read all through my labor with my first daughter, and even when I learned I'd need a c-section, I kept reading, and I made the nurse bring me my book in recovery.

As a child, of course this sort of thing earned me a great deal of ridicule.  Not that I cared, but it did get tiresome (almost as tiresome as jokes about my first name).

One afternoon, while waiting for the bus, a lady came and sat down beside me.  I, of course, was reading.  Out of nowhere, she started talking.

"I bet you get a lot of flak for reading all the time, don't you?"  I allowed that this was true.  "Well, don't stop reading!  Read all you can.  I am illiterate.  I'm trying to learn how to read so I can get my driver's license.  It's hard to learn when you are an adult.  Keep up what you are doing, it's good."

And then she got on her bus and left.
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Without books most would be illiterate. I have read; and or listened to thousands of books and it has been a great use of my time. I can tell you also share that wonderful opportunity to keep your mind active. Do not let others discourage you.

Im not really in to reading. But it all happen when my boyfriend leave me and my heart was broken ;(

when i was a kid i never liked reading. parents got mad. then i liked reading and would just read all day. parents got mad some more. funny parents.<br />
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what kind of books do you like to read?

its hard to learn anything when you get older. ive been looking for a good computer teacher for years because i couldnt learn from them. i think i finally did find one now thank goodness.

That's great! How encouraging and inspirational.<br />
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I am addicted to romance books. I even brought books when I had to go to the hospital and deliver my baby, I still managed to read while my daughter slept. I think I read 2 books in 3 days lol.

I love writing and reading. After my c-section, and for that whole really tough first year of motherhood (great kid and supportive husband, just scared new mom), writing and reading helped me get through things. <br />
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Today is a kind of birthday for me, because I am having a new book published, CUT CORDS OF ATTACHMENT. I wrote the inside story about publishing it at my blog, <br />
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Are there any other published writers in this group? Curious!

i get stick for reading off my friends, and when the teacher asked who had heard of 'to kill a mockingbird' i put my hand saying i'd read it. i got snide comments for the next two weeks. thanx tho. x

That is a profound story that everyone should hear. Thank you for sharing! It's great that that woman shared her story with you. She will have changed the world forever if enough people pass on the story that you have posted!