I Like to Read

- in order to lose myself

- so that I can explore the world through someone else's eyes

- to help me fall asleep

- cos its intellectual intercourse
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Intellectual intercourse. :) yep that's the phrase

Yup. All I can say, I relate to that. My book: " The Girls of no Return" by Erin Saldin

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What a great read! :)

No doubt, reading is the best way to escape from everyday miserable & stressful life. And, reading gives you immense pleasure of every kind that you can't find anywhere better but only in BOOKS.<br />
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gREAT PoST !!!!!


This pretty much sums up why I read as much as I do. I absolutely love to lose myself for hours in a good book...though reading to help me sleep is often counter-productive, I'll end up staying up all night if the story is right :).

i as well

Love the post!

It's such a habit now that I can't fall asleep without reading!!

great post, wisj I'd thought of it. Shawngreen struck a chord. I have read books that were so vividly written I that a year or so later I couldn't remember whether i'd read a book or seen a movie. <br />
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Oh to have talent!

Its good to know there other people just like me ........ WELL SAID

Me too. I decided to make books my weakness! I read for knowledge, for fun, and for relaxing.<br />
<br />
But guess what, reading is turning me into a writer because I have gathered so much knowledge I am just keen to share! My first book is out, it is called MASTER OF YOUR DESTINY 1: TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH.<br />
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Let me know what you think.<br />

I love reading too, it calms my mind and I hearing other peoples stories.

Reading the words that describe the author's perceptions, values and feelings, is intellectual voyeurism, except when you feel a shock of recognition. Then you know your own experience is shared by the author and it's an intimate understanding. That's intellectual intercourse.

i love to read too ... reading brings me to another world ... it gives me strength and courage that I sometimes lack ....

i love reading too..sometimes i see myshelf in the books i read or thoughts i have made..i always listen to instrumental music when i am reading a book.oh..and it also helps me fall asleep..hehe

Well said. Reading is great for the imagination. Shawngreen said it, "its like watching a movie in your mind."<br />
<br />
I hope all can have such a vivid imagination, I know I do.

That's exactly how I how feel, great post, you've certainly touched a nerve with people

Very well written. But oh so true! Ever fall asleep with the book open to the last page you were reading? Great feeling isn't it?

that's exactly why I read too. It's like watching an awesome movie in your mind that you don't have to pay for!

I agree with dance4life. I can't sleep after a good book.

thats very interesting. i can never read before i go to bed because it makes my mind too awake, if that makes sense. i'll read for hours and hours because my mind is way too active.

Would you share what you like reading? I also like reading a lot, which of course does not help on the social skills front! Anyway, great way to escape I agree!

good ~

Short and sweet :)

I read to lose myself so my family can't find me.

hi h r u

i like the way you type...you've put words to my reasons for reading...i thank you kindly...

I feel the same way! Great post

Thats exactly what I tell my husband when he ask why I read. to lose myself in it, to get away from my stresses. <br />
<br />
<br />
Thats when He band me from reading!!!

I love this post!!!!!!!! No need to say more cause you already said it.

Well, maybe more like intellectual voyeurism (nothing wrong with that!!) unless you write down your own thoughts on what you read, for the author or others to benefit from.