I'm Always Buying Books....

Mostly I buy second hand books as they are so much cheaper although will buy the occasional new book,...  usually a good reference book rather then something fictional.  I can spend ages in a book shop just looking.  I read a range of material as well,...   anything from history, historical novels (which are good as there is usually a lot of true accounts of how things were done in the old days but also can have a good yarn even if a little exagerated) and on to the odd hot love story.    I kind of hope we don't lose paper books to digital media,...   not quite the same I don't think.

The one problem I have is finding time to read.  My wife doesn't read either, so when it's bed time it's lights out,...  nothing else happens either at that point,....  so I may as well be reading.

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2 Responses Jul 21, 2010

I will find time to keep reading,... don't worry about that jellibeanz.

I like second hand books too, though if I need a 'fix' Ill spend dollars on a new one :) I very much agree with the hope we don't lose print to the world of the computor - there is something so much nicer about reading the printed page.<br />
Im sorry about the lights out thing - I hope you find some time to keep reading :)