Sweet Heart

Orlando Lujan Martinez IWA

Jesus said: "Unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

Standing next to me at a grocery store was a little girl hugging a baby puppy. I petted the puppy and told her that her puppy was nice and cute, good puppy. She looked at me wide eyed and listening, happy that she found someone who liked her puppy.
I said "Your puppy is a nice puppy and the best puppy ever."
She held the puppy up to me and said in the innocent voice, "If you want to you can hold her."
I took the soft warm puppy but after a few moments it started to squirm and I gave the puppy back, "She wants you. What's the puppys name?."
"Sweetheart," the little girl said.
"Did you know that Sweetheart is your furry sister and a family member, " I said,
She looked up at me and said "Sweetheart is?,"as she hugged Sweetheart.
"Yes, Sweetheart is. Well by by," i told her and petted Sweetheart goodby. And as I walked away and hear the little girl say, "Thank you."
A week or so later I overheard a woman talking about how her two dogs were so adorable. And since she was talking so nice about her dogs and how much she loved them, I told her the story about telling the little girl that her puppy was her furry sister. The woman said Its true because her dogs are her furry family. "Its nice that you told the little girl that, it showed her you cared. Not many people would take the time to do that. And, who knows, years from now, when she is a young woman, she will tell someone about the happy memory and the nice man who told her Sweetheart was her furry sister."
i didn't think about it in those terms, until the woman told me, "You have created a good memory that the little girl would recall years later." Now isn't that nice.
It is the small gentle and caring memories tucked into the corners of our minds that is what life is about. I remember the sound of a stone I dropped into a well and the smell of the grass I was laying one summer morning decades ago.
If you have a similar story tell it to someone because all we have in life are each other and our memories.
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1 Response Jul 25, 2010

I think it's these small acts we do that nurture our soul. Good job!