Reading for me is like music. It takes me to some far off place i have never been physically. it helps me to experience other cultures that i've never been exposed to. It lets me meet different people in the form of the book characters. its just magical.

I've read from Enid Blyton to Chinua Achebe's River Between. It just takes me far away.
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4 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Eternal, you are bringing out some old memories. i used to watch that on tv every day. I really enjoyed my early years. I remember those days like they it was yetserday.

I entered boarding school because of her Mallory Towers series. She was definitely a powerful influence in my life! Let's not forget the ever popular Noddy!

its interesting how my childhood memories have been shaped by some of his work like Billy's Bicycle, The Secret Mountain of Kilimooin, i think. They are very good memories.

What better way to start our reading journey than with Enid Blyton?