Need A Little More Time To Enjoy Life

Hi I'm my name is Raven and I really love to read. I would read every single day and I'd truly enjoy it. I have been told by my English Language Arts teacher that I read the most out of everyone in my entire grade. I was so addicted to reading that I would skip lunch during school and read a book. Many of my friends also my parents have complained  that I read a lot  and that I should take it easy. Due to this I started to question myself several times that I needed to enjoy my life instead of just reading. So I started to slow down and read at least a few pages of a book or one entire book in a day. As much as I love to read and dream of becoming a editor, I started to slow down and use my free time having fun. Reading is good for you but you always have to remember you have to also dedicate time to other's such as family and friends. 

DarkAlphaSheWolf DarkAlphaSheWolf
13-15, F
1 Response Aug 2, 2010

No doubt a balanced life is important.