My Wife Screws Everybody But Me.

 need feedback.
Me and my wife have been married for four years and told myself that I was going to be committed and I have done so for the first three years of marriage. After the honeymoon phase, our sex life became hum drum boring and infrequent until one night I left go to on a hunting trip at loge my wife told me that she was going out with her girl friends, which I had no problem with, however, at 1 o’clock in the morning she called and said that she had been dancing with this guy all night and asked if it was ok for her to go back to his apartment and have sex with him. I was shocked my brutal honesty and was excited for her. I assured her that I didn’t care the least as long as she used protection and stayed there the night instead of driving home, drunk she agreed and hung up the phone. I was so aroused I began to ********** that the thought of my wife having sex with another men fifteen minutes later she called me and said that she was there and about to have sex with the guy, who I knew as a 21 year old college student, I again assured her that I wanted her to “have fun” and don’t call again. A couple of months later I had an intern at work offer me some casual sex and I asked my wife if would be   ok and she wigged out called her mom and told her and called my mom and told her. What the hell. 
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3 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Maybe you should ask her why it's ok for her but not you. Maybe she knew it would turn you on, maybe it was her way of getting you to leave her, maybe she just wasn't expecting it. Either way the only way to know for sure what her deal was is to talk to her.

Sounds like a one way 'open marriage'. You need to leave her.

sounds like you need a divorce