Crystals Story

I'm 22 was recently married in September 09. I have bipolar disorder and personality issues. I was SO happy to be married and start my life, all my life all I ever wanted was to be married to a good husband and become a mother someday. When we got married something changed inside me I went from being this very confident girl to a very insecure girl with a fear of losing my husband, I always ask "are you ok" "are you ok?" My husband loves me and has never gave any sign of him wanting to leave. I recently was prompted to view the history on our computer and found out my husband has been viewing **** since he was 13 an addiction. That hurt me to me its like cheating in your mind its wrong! Were both Morman that is not ok. I begged him to stop viewing ****. He said he would, but that only added to my in securities along with me not working. I'm trying to not be so insecure. Please weigh in.
IamZ1 IamZ1
Aug 10, 2010