Confused College Student To Be

i never thought id find myself writing on one of these sites for answers, but after much confusion and lingering questions here i am.. i am about to attend college and man am i scared. i am going for broadcast journalism yea i know its a hard field to get a job in iv been told by everyone i talk to that i am in for a hard run. they always say oh why dont you become a nurse or maybe a teacher.. well heres a thought maybe because the sight of someone elses puke or stool makes me wanna gag and kids give me the same gag reflex when i think about being stuck in a room with them for 6 hours! sounds like hell on both sincere gratitude goes out to those who can deal with bratty children or sick people because somebody has to do it but you know what that somebody is definitly not me! lol. my heart belongs to great books inspiring movies and traveling the world for a great news story.. but i am aprhensive on how i will become that traveling reporter. how did barbera walters get to where she is today? or jim gardener? thats what i would like to know. how does someone with a degree in broadcasting get a job. do they just walk into the ABC news station and fill out an appilication like you would for a fast food job? I guess thats something i will hopefully find out within the next four or so years...
jbogie jbogie
18-21, F
Aug 11, 2010