I Cant Stand My Mother.

why is she so inmature . like how old is she. she doesnt understand that i realy cant stand her ,i dont think i love her anymore. i cant stand this family i want to leave so badly and my age is stoping me. i feel so closed in and traped. sometimes i wish that i can go so fare that they didnt know who i am. sometime i wish that i had a different family.
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6 Responses Nov 5, 2010

i used to be like that with my mom, after I moved out things got better i could see her without wanting to pull my hair out and not see her when she was making me particularly crazy... hopefully it'll get better soon

Do you remember a time when you loved your mother? This is usually between age 4 and 11. Something sometimes goes wrong at 12. But my guess is by the time you are 21 or 31, you will find your way back to her. Hang in there!

The eternal teenage war. We all hate our mothers during the teens and continue to dislike some aspects of them all through our lives. Running away won't really free you.<br />
I'm continents away from my mother and I'm still not completely free of her.

It may be difficult for you to understand, but an awful lot of people feel like that when they're your age. Eventually they do leave home, but they usually look forward to the times they can go back.

try to avoid them as much as you can so they wont bother you any more, be patient, you can move away for college later if that will make you feel better, don't leave now, walk away when you are ready to leave.

I'm sorry that you feel this way. What has happened to make you feel this way? What is it that they do or have done that would make you feel as though you don't want them in your life any longer?