Farewell Snowy


Well little girl, I miss seeing you every day - running out of your house when I called your name, those big eyes looking at me, arms outstretched waiting for a treat.  I promised myself I wouldn't get attached to you, but of course, I did.  You belonged to my little boy really but I was the one that cleaned and fed you, took you out to let you nestle on my shoulder wrapped in my long hair.  You never settled the same once my hair was cut and exacted your revenge my chewing holes in my favourite tops!  Snowy, Princess Snowbell, Snowballerina - silly little affectionate names.  I loved it when you emptied your little hamster cheeks on me - tiny particles of sunflower seeds scattered all over me. Then, came the kittens.  The twin terrors.  Life was never the same for you then.  They were fascinated by you playing in your wheel, spinning furiously as if trying to outrun the furry menaces guarding your cage.  They would try to poke their claws through the cage to you and you would jump at them squealing and trying to bite them.  Now that made them wary of you!  But, they were very cunning in their attempts to get to you.  I heard a crash one day and there you were, your cage upside down in the dog basket safely nestled in the dog's thick, padded cushion.  The dog sat bemused covered in sawdust and bedding.  So.....we stuck your cage to the countertop with blu-tack - that fettled them.  Pushing with all their might they could not shift you.  Not that they could torment you too much - they were banned from the room in which you were kept.  They would occasionally sneak in unbeknown to me but they would soon be evicted from the room!  Then, gradually you became thinner and slowed down.  You would stand on your hind legs, looking through the cage waiting for a piece of cress which you would ****** hungrily.  When I took you out you would still put your mouth against mine or stick your nose in my eye.  Sweet little hamster kisses.  When I found your lump and took you to the vet the first thing she said, backing away, was Russian Dwarfs are nastly little things usually.  Not you though.  You were different.  I will always remember you as a little white ball of fluff.  I wish you could have died in your bed and not in the hands of the vet.

Goodbye Snowy, you were a lovely little pet. 

TheMedicalSecretary TheMedicalSecretary
Jan 25, 2011