Those Hillbilly basement Witches

We were basically outcasts, the four of us. The giddy seductress, obsessed with her many ecclectic sexual escapades, The sarcastic comedian, her head a mass of tumbling, trailing, auburn curls, the sweetly rounded, kind eyed, cheerful, spiritual seeker, the wise old crone, eternally unsatisfied sexually, but, perpetually trying. We snuck out after midnight regularly, on full moons, and blue moons, after the rest of the world was sleeping. We playfully called ourselves hillbilly kitchen witches, we even made our own robes and began wearing them to our gatherings. We made two robes each, from simple patterns with a hole for the head and arms, with flowing bell sleeves, one black cotton one and one white lace one for each of us, depending on variable factors, our feet were always bare, summer and winter, we told secrets all night long as we brewed luxurious pots of flavored teas, one more exotic that the last. ,We baked and ate large golden round loaves of sweet breads made with real fruit and real sugar that we tore with warm sticky fingers and ate ravenously, with no care for calories.
We cast a few well thought out spellls on most nights, depending on the needs, love, sex, creativity, money, you name it, there was always something on our agenda. We had one rigid rule, no discussing the outcome of the spells, ever. So, we never did.
As we talked, we laughed, cackling like four scratching hens happily caught up in the joy of our togetherness.
One night we were out for revenge for one of our circle had been betrayed by her lover, her heart was broken, we had to act, we had to help our sister witch get revenge on this beastly man. As instructed, she brought along his "used" unwashed underwear. We passed the underwear through our patcholi dusted fingers, twisting and wringing the fabric tighter and tighter passing it around the circle five full passes, wringing and turning until the underwear was as tight as a rope, we had a reason for passing it five times, but, I won't tell that part. Then, we all went out to the scorned woman's vehicle, got in, quietly driving to her home where her lover was sleeping inside. Carefully, we tiptoed barefoot across her lawn, slipping quietly into the garage where we found four shovels leaning "in wait" against a back wall. Each of us grabbed a shovel and tiptoed out and around to the back of her house. The moon was high and silver in the black sky. We worked quietly, breaking ground beneath his bedroom window, we dug down several feet before she tossed the twisted underwear into the deep hole. We put our shovels down and locked hands and carefully walked backwards around the deep open hole five trips, before the betrayed one began filling the hole alone. Picking up our shovels, we walked away backwards, never turning our backs on the fresh turned earth. After putting the shovels away and slipping back into the car, we rode silently back to the gathering home and decended down into the candle lit basement kitchen where we began brewing our teas and mixing our sweet breads.
We never talked about the underwear or the hole or the cheating man again, not ever. Of course, we never discussed our spells once they were cast, we left that up to the universal energies that processed our moonlit pleas.
We knew that our friend had ended the failing relationship that next morning after the "spell" was cast but we never asked questions.
Years later, as I was grocery shopping one summer afternoon, I ran into a girl from my old high school in the check out line. I had never known this woman well, but, I remembered her as being the girl that the guys all said was "easiest" to get to home base with (to be kind) we walked out into the parking lot together with our buggies side by side, it was like this woman could not stop gushing, She began telling me about her new husband, how happy they were and how nice he was, she went on and on, then, when she told me his name I was stunned to find out that he happened to be the same guy that had betrayed my witch buddy friend,the guy with the twisted burried underwear! Going on, she added, "we have a fine relationship, it's so nice to have a man that isn't interested in, well, you know, the thing all men are interested in" I cannot imagine the look on my face, I tried to say something else but when I spoke, I heard myself saying "I guess he isn't" feeling my eyebrow spontaneously raising with a will of it's own, like it does when I am being sarcastic.
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Loved this!

I'm sorry, I have to give a word of caution, anytime you ask for retribution it's likely to back fire in some way shape or form. This is just my opinion, but you should never wish harm on another.

Oh are right... but there is no accounting for being young and dumb!!! :-)

thanks for sharing, i can imagine this a true story... craft work... *sighs with inspiration and sweet reminiscence*... i remember a circle of my own at one time.<br />
<br />
hope to read more of these. bright blessings xx

Thank you dear one!

Well Ms. Crone...your story is wonderful. There are powers in the universe that many only have a scant idea live a most interesting, memorable and dedicated life...BB

Ahhhh, bless your heart, I am thrilled that you read it and enjoyed it. :-)

An amazing story..again, well written, factual, honest, and entertaining!<br />

I somehow missed your comment, I want to send you a belated thank you very much. :-)

You're most welcome dragonfly!

Oh thank you, I am so glad you enjoyed this. I miss those times.

Interestin story, you are an amazing writer!

I wish our sister circle was what it should have been,,,maybe one day it will be,,,until than I have only the connections I get here and there and everywhere I go,,,I know that there are others and I am not alone Thanks Sister for shareing,,Love and Light Mary

Oh yes, indeed! (walking in the light) Blessed BE!

Awesome, but be careful gloting because spells can come back on you,,,I love your sister circle,,,I had one once,,,but things change when ones motives are not for the high good of all,,,self absorbed and thoughtless words spoken with sarcasem and hate,,,,stay strong and in the Love and Light,,,Mary

strange things can happen when the thought patterns are wiped away.

Such a good story. Be it true or fictional. I loved it and I want to think it TRUE.