Awakening With Brahmakumaris

Yesterday night I saw a TV program “Awakening with Brahamakumari” by Sister Shivani. Albeit I have been to Bhramakumari Meditation Centre in my home town and completed a seven day meditation course, I was not that much inspired by the trainer here. When I tuning the TV suddenly yesterday, I found this program running on ASTHA channel. I saw this for a while and was really impressed by Sister Shivani’s way of presenting to the viewers the benefits of meditation. She was awe-inspiring. I was just glued to the TV for the next one hour. I really like every sentences coming from her mouth, It was like I was hypnotized to listen to her. Whatever she spoke was absolutely correct and motivated me to follow. The next morning I found out that Sister Shivani was a gold medalist from Pune University in Electronics. She worked as a lecturer in the Bharti Vidyapeeth in Pune. Later she joined the Bhramakumari University, Kota and learned meditation for the next 12 years. I am looking forward to find more about Sister Shivani and her video classes.
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3 Responses Feb 21, 2011

One day you will look back and see how beautifull you are , let that day be today _/_ soft and soft and soft

Sister Shivani through Shiv Baba have given me a new life altogether....... i am a new born soul which has no effect or affect by this old world.......a true healer...thank you Shiv Baba and than you Shivani Behan.

i am looking forward to meet her... she is amazing...

She is the one who helped me to see the world in much better perspective.:-)