Beginning Of The End Through Hidden Ways Via The god Of This World

Because of the condition this entire world is in, my approximate 500 writings can be as fiction and non-fiction for believers or fiction and non-fiction for those who are not believers along with just whatever any choose to believe because it matters not whether they believe or don’t believe because this whole world has been deceived. Did you understand what I just wrote? We all just are who we are, and no one is going to change us, believers in God through false Christianity, Catholic, atheists, agnostics, or any of the over 33,000 religions of man plus uncountable other beliefs worldwide that include just for a minute scratch on the surface; Faith, Buddhism, Confucianism, Deism, Ethical Culture, Gnosticism, Hinduism, Islam (Moslem) Paganism, Scientology, Shinto Sikhism Taoism Wicca and Zoroastrianism are going to believe the truth of God unless God is the one to draw them according to what only He knows about each and every individual on this planet; and that is because He as God has always been; and He searches hearts that can hide absolutely nothing, therefore just as He knew Jeremiah before he was formed in the womb, He also knew you, me, and any whom He has chosen because He as God that knows all things already knew their capacities, their endurance, their faith and their hearts intent that can tell no lies as the lips of human beings do so well.

When one has a true faith that is so deep in their hearts that God becomes their priority in life with no other life before Him which includes all things, objects, thoughts and actions that when placed ahead of God are other gods before Him; and the religious people of this world have a thousand kind and loving words of praise and glory for God that comes from their lips, but in truth to His pure words in the Bible as silver tried in the furnace of earth seven times, they know not God because God is love; and that love cannot be found within the hearts of believers throughout this entire world in the way it has been made a new commandment; and I speak those words in only truth from my heart with the years of experiences to back every word that I will write when we come to that book or chapter that is so very deep because it has to do with the roads of their lives that lead not to being saved which they already are and have been, but the way of their roads to the eternal salvation of all believers; and for those disobedient who know not God in His ways I am talking of roads so rough that when they cry out to God in their anguish, He will not here them; and for their stiff necked rebellion against Him in refusing His truth, He is going to laugh at them in their calamity; and just as in all things, because God is love, He tells them just as He is now doing through one of His servants, but Ezekiel was not believed who was a servant of God, neither was Jeremiah, Isaiah or any men of God with words people did not want to hear. And Jesus Christ told me very clearly through His words that I would be hated and persecuted just as He was through His own words in John 15:18-21.

Because this whole world has been very deceived just as God says; and it matters not who you are, how much you may have, how powerful you may be, how many billions you may be worth, what nations you control, or if you are the anti Christ or Satan himself; and that is because this world has entered into the “Beginning of the End” that is going to be years of the greatest time of trouble that has ever been since there was a nation on this planet earth; and all to show man what he will do to his own self without God; and the hard way is the only way that man can learn which will be another of my many writings with details that most won’t even be able to bear, but when they are in them, they will remember they had been warned.

These words are the first of many books that shall be published with as many readers that God may draw for the purpose of spreading the true education that this entire world is lacking while expecting no one to change their ways or thoughts, but to prepare your subconscious with knowledge that will surface when you are amidst life that has turned into the worse living nightmare that has ever been, and it only gets worse to the point where the most stubborn and rebellious who refuse to believe in God will reach a point in their living nightmare where they want death and are seeking it, but can’t even find it as the only way of escape from their extreme suffering so great that there are no words of description.

At this current time, if you cannot clearly see the massive deaths and destruction followed by waste and complete desolation coming upon America; and you within it until your own death or captivity that will send you into other nations of the world as a prisoner used for whatever their desire may be; and little children in the same way for their use as toys for their sexual wants as America is left without inhabitant which will be followed by nations all over this entire world. If you believe man, the secret pre tribulation or mid tribulation rapture, it’s because you are of this world rather than being of the few who are not of this world; and therefore of the few that have not been deceived because they have overcome the god of this world and have no association with the religions or beliefs of man through their buildings, doctrines and traditions that are wrong and incomplete without God’s Holy Spirit. And if you are not one that can see the horrors with your own anguish as you watch your own children being killed and your wife ravished with your home and all that you have also being taken or destroyed, it’s because you know not God who is the only righteous truth on this planet or in this entire endless universe with stars and planets that were created to be inhabited.

Because I already know that for the most part of all people religious and non religious that I am not liked, scorned at, judged and hated, yet I speak only truth with absolutely no gain other than the spiritual satisfaction that I am doing as God leads, so rosy sweet kind and loving words to comfort all in false ways I have none of, so I just tell it like it is from the words of God.

Just who I was, who I became, and why I was chosen by God.

When we come into this world, it was not our own choice. I had no childhood, and by the time I was still 12 I was put into a youth home for auto theft and attempted suicide that by all means should have been a great success as I became history from a hose in the exhaust pipe inside of the car I stole for the use in exiting this world, but as I was in never never land, so was the gas in the tank.

At 16, a drug overdose that should have exterminated me, a gun put to my head by a stranger, and a suicidal mind.

At 20 with my own car, a hose again and history again; and another never never land with a gas tank that ran dry when I should have been exterminated.

As time passed, I took a fall head first down some basement steps for the concrete to kiss my *** goodbye, but landed on my feet off to the right at the bottom and under the ceiling where it was impossible to land.

Once working on my back under a car on flimsy stands, it fell on me, I was pinned and stuck, but unhurt.

Years later I was on my Soft Tail and broadsided a car that pulled out in from of me when still accelerating at 45mph only to go up 20 feet in the air and come crashing down on the concrete with my head, and my helmet saved my life, but not a piece of my bleeding brain that a neurosurgeon had to extract.

There have been other times when I should have been no more, but when God knew you before you were even formed in the womb because He had a purpose for you, all of the times that you should have been dead, He kept you alive for His calling. And my time began 4 years ago when the will of God just entered my mind, and I departed the USA on a one way ticket with only about a thousand dollars to begin a new life alone on the other side of the world in the Philippines.

Why I was chosen is something that only God can see; and that is because He looks not at the outward appearance of a person, but at what only He can see within their heart.

As I write these words for another attempt to publish through Triond with rejections and no explanation why, if it be God’s will, I will gain readers, and if not, so be it. Thus far I have had over a hundred thousand views from about 300 posts; and with that I have a couple hundred more not yet posted along with writing more each day because that is my life with no other.

What I need is to spread truth with a few pennies from heaven that this world of religion through man has no understanding of, therefore God looks at them all in ways they cannot see, and if I were to write a verse as written on how the Lord looked down from heaven on the religious people to see if there were any that did understand and seek God and how there were none, and how they all have become as disobedient hypocrites with no roots, He says there is none, no, not one that does right, my writings would most likely be rejected, so I just used my own words. Psalms 14 speaks it well.

From this first story, blog, writing or whatever it may be considered, many more will come non stop as allowed covering the ways of this world with tortures, prisons with life worse than death, murders, rapes, women who are beaten, children who are used as sex toys, abused, beaten, starved, wars, corrupt governments, the various stockpiles of weapons worldwide in unstable hands, a world of religious deception, the powers of the god of this world, the diseases returning upon man that will take millions of lives, the increase of natural disasters and how much worse they will become, world food shortages, the new world order, how there can be on fight to stop what has already been written as the coming destruction in America and the world to follow; and some history on acts of American soldiers in wars regarding spoils, women, children and just whatever the victors in war want with how the same is going to be done to people all over the USA with no mercy to any of any age because the winners are going to become the losers in greater ways than human minds can even begin to grasp.

Plus I write as much as God gives me because I have absolutely nothing to do with the false religions of man scattered all over this world that are filled with ministers of the devil who don’t feed their flocks, therefore are leading hundreds of millions into their own blood shed.

As a man of God that is not of this world, my only purpose is warning this human race that we have all reached the beginning of the end with no where to run, no where to hide, and no way to change the unreported breaking news that was written thousands of years ago because it already has happened.

In other words, if I traveled back into April of 1912 to warn all of those boarding the Titanic that it was going to sink, and over fifteen hundred of them were going to die if they go on board leaving only about seven hundred survivors, do you think that they would listen even though I knew it was going to sink?

The words of God describe in such great details what has already happened, and because God knows not time or distance and He is everywhere always, so those who hear Him not; and those who understand Him not, are all of those in this world who are rejecting Him by rejecting His instruction for our lives and the only way to know and understand Him; therefore He is going to reject this whole religious world who knows Him only by the words from their tongue that have never entered the hearts that He searches.

And because I am a chosen man as written in John 15:18-21, I have learned well of the hate that comes from this world of people through the religions of man just as our Lord said it would be, therefore all who have not love know not God; and all who keep not the new commandment of love will receive no blessings for the tree of life as written in Revelation 22:14.

May God touch hearts and open minds; for the times of the end are at hand within a deceived world that is totally unprepared because of their spiritual blindness.
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Mar 7, 2011