Some Things We Really Need To Think About In Deeper Ways Than Ever Before Because Reality Is Not What It Appears To Be Through Man.

Only When Chaos Strikes that you were in no way prepared for mentally, physically or spiritually will you're subconscious bring back all you have been told, but then God will not be found to help you endure all of the suffering. Proverbs 1:28

You stand and gaze through a gate at what you cannot see other than mysteries while knowing there is no other direction that you can take, so you stand frozen while knowing the push with no return could come at any time; but you're not ready; and because you're subconscious is bringing things you recently heard but refused to believe, you're thoughts have you somewhat petrified in unseen ways because of thoughts in you're mind saying----but what if----what if all that I was warned of becomes a reality? 


What's ahead cannot be changed because it's the word of God written thousands of years ago according to exactly what God witnessed because He is omnipresent with no time and knows all things, and because of His love and mercy as our God who is not the author of confusion He has made very clear to all what is going to happen and why. But through blind pride man has just refused God's truth and chose the blindness of man for their false truths and false support that is nearing it's final end. With a vast supply of many weapons, food storage, underground living, mountain living and being deep within forests as militia's with battle training and courage is just not going to change anything other than the way that you die, and for some that's just the way that they would prefer to die, and I can very well understand why because to die in battles for one life would be better than dying via tortures along with the uncountable gruesome deaths that are going to take place right in America, and much sooner than you think or even care to know until that brutal push comes unexpected from behind as you begin you're journey of mystery into the unknown darkness that all you know for sure will be the end of you're life. 

 And why you? What did you do to deserve brutality? For one you believe in God, and Satan's Illuminati that controls this world hates God, and because you don't like the new world order you have become an enemy against the "government for the people" or properly written should say "Satan against the people"  


 Without going deep into the 322 secret societies that with modern technology anyone can do themselves, I will just say that the goal of the Illuminati is to reduce this worlds population from 6.8 billion down to 500,000,000. According to God about 90% will die which leaves 680,000,000---so either way the beginning of the end is here---and there is no man made make believe fairy tale pre-tribulation snatching away because that is one big lie with a billion fools who believe man rather than God---so what that means is that the furnaces are about to begin getting hotter than ever before with billions who say they believe and are saved with only a handful ready for the furnaces spiritually as Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego. Yet all just ignore God's truth with their false teachings and false security that is only going to leave them all crying in prayers to God who not only will not hear them---Lamentations 3:8, 43-44, but will also laugh at their calamity because He called and they refused His truth. Proverbs 1:22-33 


Were you aware that the water you drink has drugs to make you easy prey? Just put drugs in drinking water and do search for gaining a map of the usa with cities and the kind of drugs in the water that you drink and even the bottled water you buy. 


Were you also aware that we as the people have always been recipients of brainwashing techniques through television, churches, radio, education, cartoons and everything to do with controlled media and life itself with the god of this world in control that God has allowed? I understand why through thy word is truth, do you? I don't go to church therefore have not been brainwashed with the doctrines and traditions of man that God says make His word of none effect----but church people only believe man even though their lips praise God as in Isaiah 29:13. But Christ says loudly to them all--

And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say? Luke 6:46

 Now do a search on portable prison cells and be prepared for you're next 5th wheel ride as push comes to shove that's not far ahead. 


So where will you be taken? There are approximately 800 FEMA prison camps nation wide fully staffed and operational just waiting for rent free temporary borders, and you could be one, or one to deny Christ.




And they are everywhere nationwide with locations that can be found by searches on you're computer with a massive size one in Alaska. Here is a link with a good listing of locations.

When anyone does a search on prisons worldwide, the results you receive will shock you're mind because prisons are run from the inside by the prisoners with drugs, rape, murders and just every sickening thought you're mind can imagine. One had a new warden that was murdered by inmates his first day on the job, and America is no different with overcrowded inmate operated prisons; but with all of these coast to coast new prisons there will be none of those problems because big brother is so kind that a solution has been made by supplying millions of free plastic caskets so as to keep from over crowding and food supply's in good order.     


No matter what you read, who you listen to, what you think or how you may be instructed, everybody is wrong because what is, just is with no where to run, you can leave America soon because once martial law is set in place the borders will be closed, but even those who leave will still die, they will just live a little longer unless their hearts are right with God. Psalms 91 and very many other verses about God's safety and protection need your prayers and thoughts.

The worst will begin in America because we failed God even though He kept His promises made to Abram being his seed would become a great nation [America] and a Company of nations [Britain] God also promised that if we obeyed Him not our destruction would come, and as I just said, God keeps His promises because thy word is truth. Deuteronomy chapter twenty eight has sixty eight verses you need to read for some education on the fall of the once world power. Leviticus chapter twenty six is also a good read along with writings all through the words of God like Habakkuk 1:5-11


Destruction was then, and destruction a thousand times worse is coming worldwide. And what's left behind in the end changes not.


In all of my writings I speak of God, love, truth, obedience and deception with very strong words on Paul and his sufferings,Job, Jeremiah and Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego as God's greatest example along with all men of God and the sufferings in their lives unto their death, and some were even tortured. Yet the religions of the world today are all man made and full of blind lies that the preachers father heard, and his father before him and all the way back because this world has been deceived. So people who go to the churches of man that God says make His word of none effect just ignore God even though scripture says thy word is truth and God is not the author of confusion and we are to live by His every word----yet all religious people just listen to their own minds that have been blinded by the blind leading them into the ditches while the prince and power of the air supplies a false spirit of error that gives a false security to the over 3 billion who say they believe in God.Lamentations 4:13-16 is about the righteous saints that will shed their blood because of the priests iniquity, but church people don't believe God because man teaches differently than God.

For the beginning only perhaps a million or so will be quickly gotten out of the way to make control of the rest easier without all the negative words against the new world order, but from there it's only going to be a down hill slide that only gets worse beyond words because before its all over the United States of America will become a shame and a disgrace to nations round about as it becomes a 3rd world poverty nation with killing, massive crime with no control, terrorist wasting major cities and the major spreading of diseases by refugees that come out of destroyed cities bringing along with them pestilences that continue to spread and kill while being totally out of control.

And when America is weak, wasted, sick, hungry and just a complete disaster Germany and other nations whose tongue we not not will come in as the raging killers they were in the previous world wars; and they will be fully armed and ready to only kill, rape women, torture men, women and children and just totally destroy as if on a wild and fun vacation for gathering spoils with great enjoyments of seeing the once greatest nation in the world became as worthless slaves at their mercy with absolutely nothing that can be done. And once a third die by death and destruction, another third with the sword, the remaining third of hundred million will be scattered into nations round about to be used as slaves, sex toys, sport like the roman games or just whatever pleases the wealthy slave owners all over the world once America has been destroyed.

Read Ezekiel chapter five, six and seven because there will also be cannibalism. 


Death and destruction has always been.


And there has always been suffering.


But people of today just can't see it happening to them even though it has been all over the world happening to everyone else.


The times of the end have arrived, so luxuries like this just aren't going to happen.


Now this squatters shack in the great depression you can expect, and be thankful for a home.


What all need to understand is we are no better than anyone else, and our turn is coming. I have learned to accept hunger, aches, pains, poverty, sickness and a world of very cruel people that only care about themselves with great joys in judging others, yet I still have a love for all because in truth they really have no idea of just how very evil they really are because the prince and power of the air is good at distorting the minds of people who don't wear all of the armor that God supplies..

 I am not perfect for scorpions looking for a letter, word or syllable not perfect as they are because I am a sinner, and if I said that I was not I would be making my Lord a liar, and His word would not be in me.1 John 1:10-- so please spare me any more cruelty that the 40 months that I have already received from brethren. What I am doing is only for those with the ears to hear that God has mercy on by what He can see within their hearts such as love that is true and genuine without the false words of scorpion church style hypocrites that rule in deception because they will never believe a word of God's truth even though it is written because it goes against what the blind has taught them, therefore is out of context.The only thing out of context is the blind leading the blind into the ditches of death as they allow their own minds to make their own false context that completely rejects.


Imagine that the U.S. economy continues in its downfall. The dollar is getting weaker and factories are shutting down. The number of unemployed and homeless without hope grows in the cities. Shipping grinds to a halt as companies close and energy prices climb.

The inner-city poor are hit hardest. Charity efforts are unable to meet demands. Lines form at grocery stores for dwindling supplies of food at rising prices. Some, desperate for sustenance, resort to crime.

Racial tensions and resentment against the government escalate. Police officers are trapped between restoring order and being indicted for discrimination. As more people are victimized, both by economic depression and rising crime, emotions boil over.

The evils of human nature begin to emerge in force. Riots and looting break out in a handful of cities.

And then, within this edgy atmosphere, a crude nuclear bomb is set off in New York or Chicago.

Eighteen thousand people are instantly vaporized. Power is out; the sanitation system has been disabled; there is no water; electronic communication from the area dies; information is blacked out; interstates clog with city-dwellers desperate to escape and suffering the first symptoms of radiation sickness.

Emergency units from neighboring states rush in to tend to the untold tens, perhaps hundreds, of thousands who are slowly dying from radiation exposure, straining state and federal crisis management resources to their limits within days. Vast mobs of refugees migrate to neighboring cities.

The ripple effects of the strike further paralyze the country’s already-crippled economy and overtaxed police force. Effects are felt nationwide. Reports emerge of people starving to death in what until recently was the most prosperous nation on Earth.

As disorder mushrooms, government intervention buckles. Urban predators go on the offensive. Gangs take over. Pillaging and rioting increase. Buildings burn in the night. The worse the violence and burning become, the worse the famine gets. The worse the famine becomes, the more intensive the violence gets.

In the midst of the chaos, reports emerge of a spreading sickness. Unsanitary conditions in the city have facilitated an aggressive outbreak of cholera and a particularly deadly influenza virus.

In the midst of the chaos, reports emerge of a spreading sickness. Unsanitary conditions in the city have facilitated an aggressive outbreak of cholera and a particularly deadly influenza virus. People begin dying in dozens, then hundreds. Then, the diseases begin popping up in neighboring cities—spread there by the refugees. A massive quarantine effort is needed, but with local law enforcement at its breaking point and the military already maxed out, only so much can be done. The plague spreads, and with it the crime.

This is only one of a thousand possible scenarios we may soon witness. Independent analysts and federal officials are imagining such eventualities based on observable evidence in order to plan their responses and to mitigate the devastation.

What these individuals don’t realize is that—barring national repentance—these disasters are prophesied to claim the lives of an enormous number of the people within our borders.

The human mind rejects such scenarios—even after we have seen them play out to no small degree in New York and Washington on 9/11, in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Naturally we want only to put such thoughts out of our minds. We want things to stay as they are.

It is because of this tendency that Jesus Christ warned specifically,

“And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day”—that is, the period of destruction just ahead of us—“come upon you unawares. For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth” (Luke 21:34-35).

That day should not come upon you unawares; it need not ensnare you. The same great God who is measuring this destruction of America and the nations of Israel also seeks your repentance, and only if you come directly to Him and not man will he protect you as He did the three men in Daniel chapter three, and look closely at their words to king Nebuchadnezzar in 3:16-18 because that is the faith I pray for daily, and so should you while seeking God as silver and hid treasures so that He becomes your teacher. 


A terrible period of darkness is prophesied to occur. Are you ready?



timesoftrouble timesoftrouble
61-65, M
Mar 7, 2011