Often The Best Or Only Way For Us To Speak Is Through Photographs.

 Photo's with Words used as Communication



We all are just who we are within a world where we have been already judged by our appearance or our words to all strangers who have never seen us. Therefore what is within our hearts as very genuine and very true, only God can fully know with understanding because it is only Him that knows all things right down to the intent of our hearts that have already told Him absolutely everything that there is to know about us as individuals.

For any to walk through those gates in the picture is like walking into the unknown ; and for us to be around others is also as being unknown because all they know is what they can see, hear, think and decide regarding who we are when the truth about you is as a hidden and unknown secret because there are no words that can express just who we really were, are, or have become because there is a greater unseen Hand that has taken the lead in our lives.

 So just how is it possible for us to explain spiritual things to others who may mean well, have good intentions and are very likable with enjoyable personalities?  When it cones down to only God who full knowledge of is unsearchable, there is no way for any human being to fully communicate with another unless it is the will of God when conversation is not of this world. And being the way of the natural man, many will have already made their judgments regarding the photo of the hands in the clouds; and I only use it in spiritual ways meaning that even if it was a man created picture through modern technology. . . .


There is absolutely nothing that man could ever duplicate in spiritual ways that is not of this world because of the greatness of God that reaches a billion times mega trillions of light years in every direction with no time or distance even known to Him because the greatest eternity that our human minds can even begin to comprehend without any true comprehension to never ending is but only the size of a proton within the nucleus of an atom which would equal over a 100,000 times smaller than a single strand of hair. Another way of expressing us compared to God is through using this approximate man-made number of

546,747,000,000,000,000,000,000 which represents the size of our visible universe. Since each light year is 5.879 trillion miles, the diameter of the visible universe is 546 billion trillion that in pure truth when put into the form of distance in miles is so massive that we with human minds can’t even begin to fully put into proper prospective the magnitude of the proportion. Yet God loves each one of us that comes to Him {with all of their heart} and not lips that praise His name while rejecting everything that He teaches us all for life itself as a preparation to be the bride of Christ and reign with Him.  


I want us to become as the body of Christ with different locations and different functions who follow only their Head for direction of all things that we do; and if you can relate through your heart and spirit with actions and never words, we can become on the same pages of life spiritually.


 Most all the people in this world who believe in God and Christ His Son and our Saviour will automatically say that we are on the same spiritual page because they have been saved; yet they are totally missing the words of God because of the shepherds worldwide that feed not their flocks of believers, therefore their vine has become broken and withered for gathering into great bunches in the hundreds of millions to be cast in the fires of the great tribulation to be burned in punishment without God's mercy because they all chose to rebel against His words of truth that we are to live by without making any excuses why it is okay to do this or that just as billions of other believers do while not believing God when He says that this whole world has been deceived in Revelation 12:9 while also forgetting that God is not the author of confusion and thy word is truth.

 So because you are now being warned by a man of God who has already been judged and condemned by this world's mass population of believers that follow only man who God says to put no confidence in, you are seeing where your burning takes place along with locations worldwide; and everything that I speak comes from the Father because I look only to Him twenty four hours of each day with absolutely no life of my own; and our Father has very clearly shown me a world of believers who know Him not through their actions that show no love for others that go beyond the tongue while being lightening fast to judge others.


 Because the Universe was created to be inhabited, it can only happen with the government of God which is based on love ruling over it. Therefore at this time God is not out trying to save the world, but rather building His church which is only those of the body of Christ that follow their Head with no other direction in life; and is is only those who have overcome the god of this world because they look only towards God as their Head while knowing that they can do nothing themselves. 


 At this point we all need to just look at all things pertaining His eternal kingdom to come from only His point of view; and never our own. Because God is love, we cannot know Him when lacking that love as it is written in 1 John 4:7-8. And love is so important to God that those who genuinely have it within their hearts that God can see shall have a multitude of their sins covered because they have a love that far outweighs and mistakes that are sinful. 1 Peter 4:8 

Therefore all through the words of God that we are to live by as believers, we are taught to love, to give, to help, to show care, concern, well doing, and even to the point where we do good to our enemies so that we never be overcome with evil in our thoughts that direct our ways, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:19-21 


We as this human race have reached a time when the most important action that we have ever done within our entire lives need to take place now; and its called:


I am but one single human being that has been experiencing a world of the greatest selfish cruelty through a world of religious people that I cannot even write according to the words of God who they all claim to love simply because all the religious people of this entire world through the religions of man just bow out and excuse themselves because God is never speaking to them when His words are not uplifting and pleasing because they are all saved. As for me being a man with an unwavering faith and love to all, I just live as Christ said my life would be in John 15:18-21 while running the race set before me just as Paul ran his in Hebrews 12:1-2.

So I ask you this, what do you see in the photo above?


  What if these children in need were your children? 


1.5 MILLION = the number of children in America who go to sleep without a home each year, so the problems are not only worldwide with disasters such as Haiti last year and Japan last week, but everywhere; and everything everywhere in all situations and all places is only going to accelerate towards the down side with food shortages, more crime, higher prices, less jobs, more wars, more destruction, martial law, no freedom, well planned terrorists attacks and just coming years of total chaos everywhere. So with all of these problems in America and worldwide, what do people who believe in God do?


They all give honor to the devil through paying out mega billions worldwide in all buildings of all sizes in all countries only to impress a God who wants not nor needs their money for useless wasteful material things like buildings loaded with every expense the imagination can come up with only to impress themselves and their followers while God is crying tears of sadness in wondering how they could all be with so much love and praise towards Him while at the same time allowing people next door, down the road, in their cities, towns and churches to be crying out in silent tears of sadness that are in hunger and pain while being overloaded with emotional stress in what they can even do for their own children when there are billions in churches worldwide who love God and Christ so very much with their lips that for every song sung to glorify God someone drops dead because no one cared.


When we look only towards our creator a new life begins; and God is not behind on funds needed to support His church buildings because church is a group of people and not a building; therefore any group that chooses to follow only their Head Jesus Christ is His Body which is the only true church group of God who will be the firstfruits in the first resurrection that shall reign with Christ through the millennium while also become a part of God's government throughout eternity. Revelation 5:10, Isaiah 9:6-7 

So what does that mean?  It means everything that God says in His words of truth written with no confusion that all of the man made religions of this world just flat out reject with no valid reasons or excuse other than the false righteousness that the god of this world has been pumping into human minds with full success every since he deceived Eve; and Satan has never changed, neither has mans rebellious ways; and neither has God's coming punishment on this entire world to make way for His kingdom that shall never fall as the kingdoms of mankind always have.


My greatest concern is for children because who they are, where they are and where they are all going to be is not their fault, but the fault of who loves them without enough love to at least open their unknown minds to "what if" . What if I have been deceived? What if there are truly nightmares coming that shall replace life itself? What is starvation and diseases are really coming?  What if the financial collapse of America really is close? What if there will be a martial law that eliminates millions of lives who don't like the new world order of the corrupt governments that reign over this worlds population? What if the pre tribulation rapture is but another false teaching of man from his false buildings called churches that take people money that they should be using for the will of God in helping and loving others rather that feeding the devil and the bellies of blind shepherds worldwide who thrive on greed and their righteous egos while leading billions into the ditches of death. 


It is only those who look only to God that can see all things from an entirely different point of view; and that is because all religious people will say that they do everything that they can do with perhaps missionary groups, soup kitchens, helping the needy and whatever their organizations do through the buildings of man that makes them to feel good, right and secure while pleasing God. And with all of the good they do, Satan is pleased because that is the way that he operates. In other words, he wants to see people prosper; and he loves the monstrous million dollar structures of man where all come to worship their god.

My history with God goes back to when He came into my mind to place an extreme interest in only Him about twenty years ago. In the very start of the early 1990's God had me in a few different churches as a lesson in seeing pride, ego's, homosexuals, gossip, unlearned preachers, greed and just everything that goes against who God truly is. So to this day I have never since been a church member, associated with one, or even been within the doors of one since the mid 90's-----Yet have never gone anywhere without the word. So many books and Bibles always gone along with me even when I was a welder in Iraq and Kuwait. All through my different locations through many years I have been asked many times; are you a missionary or preacher? And accompanied was always asked what religion or belief I am, "The Word" has always been my only answer to this day because my God is but only one Spirit with only one truth and not the over 33,000 religions of man that are in discord while walking in the darkness of a false light that shall burn its counterfeit fuel while bring millions to their fleshly death with false teachers in great shame worldwide because of so much righteous blood their false incomplete doctrines have deceived. 

If you were God who had created an eternal universe to be inhabited while being a God of love who created human beings with an inner spirit of man for thinking and making decisions, would you not want to properly train those who were going to become firstfruits within your government through many hardships in their life just so as to see their true and genuine faith that would never turn against Him as the one third of the angels did with Satan as their prince and power of the air that made them all to become rebellious?

God is looking for students {Isaiah 28:9} with true faith that will only hear His words and never the false and partial words of man to add to His church {group} that will be His government, so if you were God with billions who believed you with their lips while having a world of gods before you because they could not even believe your words of truth while also having absolutely no love for others beyond false and empty words, would you have a use for them in your kingdom with strict and enforced laws based on love?   

I know have over 4 years of being completely turned down, judged, hated, condemned, slandered just for asking of the simplest needs; and I thank my Lord God for the survival and the inner peace that He has given my wife and I to endure no foods, roaches, lizard turds on our clothes and everything including my bibles that have also gained a few book worms with much tape over the years, no dresser, so some nice rat eaten holes in some clothes and just uncountable other hard times we have had to live with, yet we do it with as much joy as possible because our faith allows us to endure for the preparation of our higher calling because we both love people and care about others; especially children being my wife is a 3rd grade teacher here in the Philippines with me being an American.





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Mar 21, 2011