Just Another Day!

What i say, there are some things about me i believe only i should know and that's the reason i believe i stand alone most of the times. Some how i realized that my side is always being a bit loner.
Just imagine the guy or the gal you know, you love starts sharing your secret to someone else. The moment the person you trust opens his/her mouth, All your privacy is out for bang.

I miss that person, that one confidential person in my life.

And i believe there are millions like me waiting for that special one.

ky86 ky86
22-25, M
4 Responses Apr 3, 2011

being loner by itself is not a problem rather thinking all human-beings are un trusting.

hi! yes we can be friends i would love to share you my life and experiences... i read that your feeling sad and alone and no one to trust to. although you don't know me well i can sure you that you can trust me and rely on me. =)

its actually not!! n for sure... i don't read fiction.. n what i read i am sure a !6 year old gal cant comprehend

How does this mean that you like to read?