Oprah Book Club

Ok, I am willing to admit that her selections can be pretty interesting.  I really enjoyed Time Traveler's Wife.  Ever since reading that, I always look twice when I see the Oprah seal on a book at Borders. 

Are there any interesting booklists that people subscribe to?
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does it have recipes? <br />
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Encouragement is a tool of manipulation. Why pay for Oprah's old fat stanky **** anyway?

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i am going to watch the movie and then read the book. I did that with My Sister's Keeper...I have changed it up because when I read the book first I am sooo let down by the movie...so I'm trying something different.<br />
The Time Travelers Wife is about a man who travels through time and he appears to his wife at various points in her life, when she's a little girl, and into adulthood, that's what I get from the previews.

Right now my book list is picked by the professor of the class I am taking! Though I do admit that I shop the classes based on what books are interesting. The department posts the book lists of their upcoming classes on their website. Last semester one of the books was Kalidasa's Sakuntala and the Ring of Recollection. It's a Sanskrit play, and quite a different writing style that I am used to: thats part of why I liked it, so new and refreshing. What did you like about the Time Traveler's Wife? It sounds like an interesting book, but I don't know to much about it.