You know, I've always thought I had it rough. My parents divorced when I was seven, I was forced to live with my crazy mother who smoked pot and we moved to New Hampshire with her she-devil friend that made me call her "Aunt Pooh" and her perverted son, Richard, who molested me. After a few years of that, I moved to Toledo, Ohio. The worst place I've lived in my entire, short life. For about the first year, maybe, I lived with my rude, verbally abusive Aunt Bonnie. She had three daughters, Alicia in her early 20's, Krystal my age at the time, and Ashley she was in her mid 20's and had moved out already. But Alicia had a daughter named Sami and my Aunt had adopted her. Alicia was a freeloader who didn't have a job (still doesn't) and Krystal was a lying, no-good thief. So I took to drawing and video games. I was always up in my room, or at school. So I gained quite a bit of weight. I'd always been unhappy with myself. After we moved out, we still lived in a dirt-hole, but 6th grade was where I felt best. I made the greatest friends I could ever have. Elyia and Alyssa. But eventually Alyssa turned out to be a fake and Marissa came along. Then Dayionna. 7th grade was great. Then during this previous summer, me and my mom had a huge fight, with her making me move to Texas and leave my precious chocolate lab, Sasha. behind. When I got here, I felt horrible. It took me so long to get used to everything. But then I started making friends. Now, I'm happy. Being through that has made me confident and strong. I know I'm only 14, so it makes me look forward to the future just that much, maybe I'll be a great person one day. I want to go to community college for at least a year to get some education, then I want to become a cosmetologist and eventually open my own Salon. It may not sound like much of an achievement but I like the idea.

Now, I could have been through so much worse, my mom could have died at the age of 14 and I could have been molested by an uncle and a neighbor for years, like my mom. Or I could have been abandoned or put into an abusive family. But I wasn't. So I don't think I've had it bad at all. I just think of it as an experience, one long *** experience. But one that made me like I am now.

That's why I'm on, the Experience Project.
Dementedrose Dementedrose
13-15, F
Nov 13, 2011