Connor Fitzgerald Books Are Awesome

Don't know if you have yet had the chance to read one of the books in the B-Squad series by Connor Fitzgerald but if you haven't yet sampled this hot new author you need to check him out ASAP. I've just finished reading the final book in his B-Squad series which could be described as a cross between Jason Bourne and James Bond but with the twist of adding female herions to the action. In my mind women with guns is sexy but the way in which Connor writes about the realtionships between the main characters has erotic undertones. That mixed with non-stop action from the word go leaves you feeling utterly satisfied. he books in his B-Squad series are all informative. I myself wasn't into finding out about guns and weaponry but I can see how that would appeal to many men who would read his work. I was more enticed by the thriller element and the fast pace of his storytelling. I love a big of espionage and the first book, B-Squad Courage has it in abundance but also a kick of a twist at the end leaving you salivating and wanting more. I can recommend highly the follow on book, B-Squad Revenge as another beautifully crafted piece of writing that continues the story about people being selected from facebook to join an organisation that fights against the activities that fund terrorism. Guns, guts, glory and fun woyld some up this next installment which ends with an insight into the modern world. The third and final book in the series, B-Squad WAR is a terrific end to the saga but for those who want to sample more of Connor Fitzgerald check out 'In Each Other We Trust.' I imagine we will be hearing alot more from this author in the near future.
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Are you a copywriter, hotreads? if not, you should be :-/

These are certainly a set of brillint novels, thanks for sharing HOTREADS

Thank you or the review! I will definitely purchase.

Love the B-squad series each book is full of action and sex I just love Connor Fitzgerald books hope he writes many more

Great review, thanks Hotreads, I will get these books

sounds great thx, i have to chk that out<br />
have you read any Lee Child?<br />
hes got about 14 books all fantastic

I have to say I too have enjoyed this author. I read the second book in the series which was recommended by a friend due to the very sexy encounter between the main two characters and I loved the whole story so I am reading the first book but can't wait to finish it and read the third one!

The third one is the best of them all

I love the B-Squad books too!

I read the first book and what and ending, the twist is a shocker, can't wait to read the next one

The second and third books are even better

I read the B-Squad series and it is everything you say here and more. The action is thrilling in itself but what I liked was the realism and the fact that anyone of us on Facebook could be selected. For me that gave the premis an edge that other thrillers just don't have.