Wagon Time....

Short part of a story I heard from someone special =D it's called Wagon Time

 I was there, next to my dad in the middle of the road (country side)... Suddenly he stopped talking to me and stayed silent, than he said: Do you hear something? and I answered: Yes, a Wagon.
 He patted my head and said: Right! And it's empty! I wasn't surprised and asked him: How do you know that the wagon coming though the road is empty? My dad smiled and said: Because, more empty the wagon is more sound it makes....
 Know when I heard people talking a lot about what they have I remember what my Dad told me that time.... More empty the wagon (person) is more sound the make (more they speak abot what they have)

The translation isn't good but I hope you understand  what the message of this story is =D
riukie riukie
18-21, F
Mar 2, 2007